Maneuver 2023, Meloni: “Pos? 60 euro indicative threshold, it can be lower”

Prime Minister’s Facebook Live: “Increase in cash ceiling does not favor tax evasion”

“Perhaps not everyone knows that the year in which there was less tax evasion was 2010”, when “the cash cap it was 5 thousand euros. The more you raise the ceiling on cash, the less you favor tax evasion”. Giorgia Meloni, in a live on Facebook. “We have increased the cash ceiling simply because the cash ceiling disadvantages our economy and creates problems for our economy because we – underlines the premier – are in a European market and the cash ceiling only makes sense if everyone has it. “Germany doesn’t have a ceiling on cash, neither does Austria. Foreigners who have cash – he says – may prefer to spend it in other countries because it can’t be done in Italy”.

‘on’position obligation – continues Meloni -, we are accused ‘you want to prevent paying with electronic money, you want to encourage evasion’. We are considering not obliging merchants to accept payment with POS for small amounts: we would not like to oblige up to 60 euros, but that of 60 euros is an indicative threshold, it can be even lower, on this – he explains – there is it is an ongoing dialogue with the EU”.

In the maneuver launched by the government, continues the Prime Minister, “there are clear signals”, starting with the message “not to disturb those who want to do something”. On many decisions taken “the left does not agree: thank goodness. If they did agree, then there would be something wrong”, she underlines. “Defending strategic Italian companies is what we will do”, therefore assures the premier.

Regarding the controversy after the changes, “I don’t think whoever made the Basic income intended to insure him from the age of 18 until the citizen’s pension. If that wasn’t the goal, maybe you need to consider that something went wrong. Among the things I’ve heard is that ‘Meloni takes away our income and forces us to go and steal’. Between receiving income and going to steal – says the premier – there is an option which is to go to work, perhaps you should take it into consideration. The more income you receive, the poorer and more difficult you will be to get back into work. I want to give the dignity of work to people who don’t deserve to be maintained”.

“I want to help people get out of poverty with work: work takes you everywhere, the Citizenship Income keeps you where you are, there is no escape,” says Meloni again.

On the front safetyhowever, “we dealt with the issue of illegal raves. In Italy – underlines Meloni – it is difficult with the current government to organize a rave illegally and the rules are respected. That Italy in which the State harasses people well and pretends of not seeing those who act illegally, it’s over”.

As for the government measures for Kiev, “we – says Meloni – have defended and will continue to defend theUkraine, but we will not pass on the costs of our choices at an international level to Italian citizens”. The last Council of Ministers passed a provision “which allowed us to guarantee the survival, the production continuity of the Priolo refinery, a company which with related industries involve about 10,000 workers in a land like Sicily: we have made it safe. Lukoil will continue to produce thanks to government provisions: these 10,000 people will continue to work. A strategic matter such as that concerning oil which risked ending up in the cauldron of sanctions against Russia”, explains the Prime Minister.