Maneuver 2023, Meloni to unions: “No resources to do everything”

“Many of the proposals are sensible, willing to think about some things”. Landini: “Answers confirm deep distances, mobilization ahead”

The meeting at Palazzo Chigi between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the leaders of CGIL, CISL, UIL and Ugl lasted almost two and a half hours. At the center of the table with the unions is the 2023 budget maneuver.

Many of the proposals put forward by the unions to the government on the maneuver “are sensible, so we are basically willing to think about some things: we undertake to do it as soon as possible. I hope to be able to do something, more, right away”. otherwise “we will work in CDM to achieve them as quickly as possible. Many of the proposals make sense: the government is responsible for making the choices. If we lined up all the requests, there would never be the resources to do everythingMeloni said to what is learned from sources present at the meeting.

In the maneuver there is no “no signs of laxity” on tax evasion, claimed the Prime Minister, according to government sources. The measures related to the POS and the cash ceiling have nothing to do with tax evasion, Meloni specified.

On labor cost cutting “I absolutely agree, it is our priority: I would be delighted to be able to do more, the problem is the coverage” said the premier. On cutting the tax wedge “we wanted to give a signal but we want to do more, these were emergency choices but we agree that the issue of cutting labor costs is a priority”. As for the flat tax “it does not introduce any discrimination, it does not penalize employees”.

I would agree with the “tax reduction of the contractual increases, but we will make the calculations because it is advisable to build conditioning, a link with companies on the basis of virtuous behaviour”.

Then the question of voucher. That of “vouchers is a delicate issue, it needs further reflection, it must not become a tool for underpaying workers” Meloni said to what is learned.

Regarding the indexing of pensions “we reserve a further assessment on the thresholds. We defend the choices made, because we decided to help those who couldn’t make it” and, given the reduced spending margins, “we had to make choices”. Come on female option we are evaluating proposals for changes…”.

CGIL – “The answers that came from Prime Minister Meloni confirmed the deep distances on taxation and precariousness and also on the protection of purchasing power – said the CGIL leader Maurizio Landini at the end of the summit at Palazzo Chigi – We had asked for a wedge cut of 5 per cent and the introduction of fiscal drag but no responses came except a generic ‘we will evaluate resources'”. These responses, therefore, he added, make it clear the necessity of “continue the mobilization“. Thumbs down from the CGIL also on the discussion tables that will start in January. From 12 to 16 December, therefore, ahead with the general strikes of the Regions already proclaimed against a “wrong” maneuver.

CISL – “The government has reserved the right to evaluate and improve the contents of some measures of the manoeuvre. They told us they will make their assessments but in principle they share contents and priorities for improvement” declared the Cisl leader Luigi Barra at the end of the summit at Palazzo Chigi. An “important” summit for the CISL to which he reported his “articulated judgement”.

UIL extension – “We reiterated the negative judgment on the manoeuvre. There was no response on wages and pensions or the tax wedge. And as for the thematic discussions that will be launched by the ministries next January, on the 16th on health and safety and on the 19th on pensions, I say that with tables you don’t pay bills or eat” commented the Uil leader Pierpaolo Bombardieri at the end of the summit.