Maneuver 2023, mobile bonus extended: it will rise to 8 thousand euros

As a result of an amendment to the Budget law, the facilitation for the purchase of objects such as wardrobes and beds but also energy-saving appliances will be extended for the entire next two years while the amount of the 50% deductible expense ceiling will increase by 3 thousand euros

No longer 5 thousand euros but 8 thousand. This is the latest news to emerge from the Maneuver of the Meloni government, which has decided to extend the mobile bonus until 2024 and to increase the amount of the deductible spending ceiling to 50%. A measure designed to help an increasing number of Italians to buy objects such as wardrobes and desks but also large energy-saving appliances.

The details

The 50% deduction for the purchase of energy-saving furnishings and appliances in the event of renovations will be extended until 31 December 2024, with the expenditure ceiling going down to 8,000 euros for the year 2023. The cut compared to the 10 thousand euros expected for 2022, a benefit whose merit must be attributed to an amendment to the Maneuver approved in the Budget Committee to raise the deductible expenditure threshold in the upcoming two-year period.

What can you buy

As explained by the Revenue Agency, the furniture bonus is “a personal income tax deduction that can be used for the purchase of furniture and large appliances intended to furnish a property undergoing renovation”. The energy class must be at least A for ovens, E for washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers, F for refrigerators and freezers. The deduction must be divided among those entitled in ten equal annual installments.