Maneuver 2023, opposition to La Russa: “We need more time for the exam”

Pd, M5S, Third Pole and the Green-Left Alliance have asked to convene group leaders and redefine the calendar. The room of the Budget commission is occupied, waiting for the answer

Given the timing of the transmission of the technical report to the budget bill, the president of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, convenes the Conference of Group Leaders again to redefine the calendar of work so as not to compress the time for the debate. Pd, M5S, Third Pole and the Green-Left Alliance are asking for it. Pending the answer, the opposition occupied the room of the Budget commission.

“It is true that the maximum deadline that President La Russa had given for the arrival of the technical report was 5 pm – explains the parent company Dem, Simona Malpezzi – but also given the availability of the majority commissioners to be able to have a suitable time to be able find common measures, a common agenda, to try to build something together, reconvening the Conference could be a useful element, also because it is not an element to obstruct, to send the country into provisional exercise, it is to try to give dignity to a discussion that allows the different political positions to emerge. And the day available is tomorrow, and we could easily vote on Thursday”.

“Are they afraid of having a few numbers less on 29? – asks the group leader of the Third Polo, Raffaella Paita- Are they afraid of obscuring Giorgia Meloni’s press conference, which will still take place? Perhaps it would be better to respect the rules that all together we are given, for a discussion in the light of the sun and to transparently convey the messages we want to give to Italians”.