Maneuver 2023, Renzi: “Lies on 18App, the government has put zero euros”

The leader of Iv: “They took the money away from the boys to give it to the presidents of the Serie A companies”. Mollicone’s reply: “Renzi goes to the psychologist to cure his narcissism”

“It makes me angry that you tell lies, they took the money away from the boys to give it to the presidents of the Serie A clubs who don’t know how to count”. Matteo Renzi said it as a guest of ‘Tagadà’ on La 7 speaking of the maneuver.

“I’m bitter. It makes me feel bad, it outrages me the choice to take money away from 18 year olds, 230 million, are zeroed. The government has not put Isee and merit, these things will arrive, if they arrive, in 2024. For 2023 they have put zero – explained the leader of IV -. This money went to the presidents of the football clubs, 890 million.”

The reaction was immediate, president of the Chamber Culture commission and FdI deputy, Federico Mollicone: “Renzi, don’t worry, rather go to the psychologist to cure your narcissism. He lost the election, realize that. The resources are present, just read the rule: in 2023 there will be 230 million already allocated for 2022, from 2024 there will be 190 million. The reference audience represents 70% of families, those of the middle class, and for the Charter of Merit more than 13% of the national student population”. Thus the .

“We – continues Mollicone – stand by the families and the children. The 18App is replaced by the Carta Cultura Giovani and the Carta del Merito: one aimed at 18-year-olds from families with an ISEE not exceeding 35,000 euros, the other for students enrolled in upper secondary or equivalent institutions who have obtained their final diploma no later than the year they turn 19 with a vote of 100 cents with no Isee limit. The measures are cumulative, you can receive up to 1000 euros. Those deserving, regardless of income, will be able to access support. The confirmed frauds – he underlines – are 19 million for a reference year and, considering the secrecy of the investigation, we can estimate many more, around 100 million in 8 years”.

But Renzi is not there. “The honorable Mollicone tells me to go to the psychologist: the political confrontation reaches this level, therefore, they say go to the psychologist thinking of offending without realizing that many Italians need it and I respect this a lot”, replies the leader of Iv. “I challenge Mr Mollicone, answer this easy question: how much money was in the 2022 law? 230 million. How much money is there in 2023? Zero. I look at the numbers, the stake of 2023 is zero. The 190 million euros have been put in since 2024. If I’m right, Mollicone apologizes”Renzi concludes.