Maneuver 2023, Renzi: “Slap in the face of culture and hustler in Serie A” – Video

“One of the biggest scandals I’ve witnessed since I’ve been in Parliament”

“It’s crazy! The Meloni government has removed 230 million euros from #18App and gives away 890 million to Serie A clubs. A slap in the face to culture and young people, a hustler to the presidents of a football full of debts. We are the only ones to protest, the others all silent. Pure madness”. He writes it on Twitter Matthew Renzi. “What is happening in these hours is technically one of the biggest scandals I have witnessed since I have been in Parliament,” she later said in a video posted on social media after the night session in the House committee on the manoeuvre.

“What happened tonight: they reset the money for 2023 to 18App, there is not a cent, so they recover 230 million euros. They cancel the money for young people and culture and put it in Serie A clubs, presidents, indebted, incapable. In the rest of the world football works, here instead of giving emotions it is the Meloni government that gives amendments to incapable presidents”.

Renzi continues: “230 million young people are eliminated and 890 million go to the presidents of Serie A. A scandal, a slap in the face to young people, to culture, a hustler to Serie A”.