Maneuver 2023, Salvini: “Choices made, but the Lega footprint is visible”

“I want to work with Giorgia and Silvio for at least 5 years”, says the deputy prime minister and minister of infrastructure and transport

“In such a difficult time we had to make choicesThus, speaking of the budget manoeuvre, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini at the Lega party in Alzano Lombardo, in the province of Bergamo, saying he was “satisfied, because we have done everything possible in such a difficult moment. And FrI think the legacy of the League has been seen“.

“There are those who retire and those who don’t, there are those who have a second home and those who don’t. Everyone does one thing, however: they pay the electricity and gas bills. And we, as we promised in election campaign, we put most of the resources into bills, but we in the League asked and obtained that the beginning of a process be seen,” said Salvini, claiming the “stop to the Fornero law” and ” the start of quota 41″.

Salvini points out that “the League has never had so many government responsibilities for 30 years now. If we work well for 5 years, we’ll change this country from this to this. And I intend to go on governing with Giorgia and Silvio for at least 5 years”.

Speaking of the so-called Qatargate, the deputy premier explains that “I’m not used to enjoying the misfortunes of others. That is an attitude that I leave to those on the left. But time is a gentleman”. So, referring to “those who called me a racist and a fascist for years”, he says that “they had a big heart, but then you realize that they had a big wallet”. And again, referring to Qatargate, Salvini added. “I was an MEP for 9 years and I was in both Qatar and Morocco, but they didn’t give me anything”.