Maneuver 2023, Schillaci: “Possible immediate intervention for NHS personnel” 

The Minister of Health: “2.15 billion more earmarked for this year than budgeted. Parliament will decide on the ESM but healthcare needs more resources”

“We are evaluating if it is possible to do some intervention already immediately” in Maneuver “to give signals” to health workers of the National Health Service. This was announced by the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, guest of Adnkronos Live. “However, I reiterate the attention on my part and that of the Ministry of Health towards all healthcare workers. We have arrived at a complex moment after the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, but this government has allocated for this year 2.15 billion more than budgeted. There is attention to the problems of the NHS which – he recalled – however are long-standing and come from ten years of definancing of the NHSfrom a wrong programming in the number of accesses to the Faculty of Medicine”.

As for the possible use of the funds of the month “I believe that a parliamentary debate will begin: Parliament is sovereign – underlined Schillaci – and will take the decisions it deems most appropriate. It is clear that health needs more fundshowever, thanks to research and innovation, there will be”, for example, “drugs that are increasingly important for the lives of patients” with consequent repercussions also on public spending: “I therefore believe there is a need not only for more resources, but also to find a way to rationalise” spending, for example by “investing in prevention”.

For the Head of Health, it is therefore necessary “rationalize spending” in health, also “by investing in prevention, a prevention that must begin in elementary school, educating the youngest children to a healthy lifestyle, which must involve both healthy eating habits but also, for example, physical activity. Otherwise – he warns – however much more money can be put into healthcare, it is a system that cannot hold up in the long run”.

Schillaci therefore launches the idea of ​​”un National observatory with all the stakeholders of the health system , who takes everyone into great consideration and is able to gather the advice of those who work personally in the world of healthcare, to try to overcome and improve the many difficulties that exist today in the NHS”. The Observatory could “find solutions ” they listen ” to scientific societies, trade unions, federations of doctors’ orders and those of nurses. All the components working to improve the system”.