Maneuver 2023, Schlein: “Against the poor instead of against poverty”

The candidate for the secretariat of the Democratic Party: “It affects those who are already worse off”

“It is a maneuver against the poor instead of against poverty”. Thus in Palermo Elly Schlein, candidate for the secretariat of the Democratic Party. “This is a maneuver that affects those who are already worse off” he adds. “It seems to me that this right lives in another country. In a country where there are three million poor workers, how do you talk about employability in the abstract?” he says commenting from a distance the words of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, on basic income.

BASIC INCOME – “As regional administrator – she underlined – I say: ‘In these years of the pandemic, fortunately there has been a citizen’s income because it prevented, and Istat says so, to push another million people into poverty. It is a tool that can certainly be improved and certainly alongside the Rdc we need to support active labor policies”.

MIGRANTS – “The Dublin regulation needs to be changed,” argues Schlein. “It is unfair both towards those seeking asylum and protection and towards border countries that bear the greatest responsibility in terms of reception on their shoulders”.

POWER – “We are in great pain right now because we depend too much on Russian fossil fuels” he underlines. “Can we imagine creating a strategic hub for the production of clean and renewable energy, for example by investing in off-shore wind power? I know that some projects are being discussed here in which the community must be involved. If they can bring 8 thousand jobs, that is one direction where to go”.

PD – “The pandemic has exacerbated social inequalities, it has made many people even poorer. There is a theme of job insecurity that affects above all young people and women, especially in the South. It is from there that we must start again because at work there are produced fractures due to the mistakes made in the past also by the Democratic Party and the center-left”. “Today is the time to mend – he added – also thanks to the credibility of a new management group that says ‘no more precariousness and fixed-term contracts, we need a minimum wage because below a certain threshold it is no longer work, but exploitation'”.

DIGITAL – “We need a recovery plan for the South”. Elly Schlein, candidate for the secretariat of the Democratic Party, is convinced of this, explaining on the sidelines of an initiative in Palermo: “There are many guidelines for new development and investment. We need to invest in digital infrastructures to create new jobs and good businesses in this too territory and allow the young talents of this land to build a dignified life perspective here”.