Maneuver 2023, skips the rule on Pos and reduced citizenship income: the news

Minimum pensions at 600 euros, the audience widens due to a 3-point cut in the tax wedge: Minister Giorgetti outlines a maxi amendment

The Meloni government outlines the 2023 maneuver. From the minimum pensions to the Pos passing through the tax wedge to the basic income, there are several measures contained in the maxi unpacked amendment. The Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, illustrated the executive’s amendment proposals to the budget law, remarking: “There is no form of tax amnesty”. “The package of changes does not overturn anything” but strengthens the maneuver, said Giorgetti.

POS – Skip the rule that abolishes the penalties for non-use of the POS on payments within 60 euros which would be replaced with a tax credit on merchant commissions on electronic payments. “I hope there will be further reflection,” said Giorgetti, adding that the government is open to new discussions on the issue with the European Commission. On the end of the rule on the Pos, the minister explained that the government is advocating forms of “relief or compensation for operators who will have to face a greater burden for commissions on electronic transactions”.

PENSIONS – Raising of pensions for over 75s to 600 euros, limited to the year 2023. Revision of the pension indexing mechanism for the years 2023-2024 (modification of the percentage measures), in order to protect those most in need.

DRC – The government confirms the “reduction from 8 to 7 months of the current monthly payments of basic income” said the Minister of Economy. Raising from 6,000 to 8,000 euros of the maximum threshold for the exemption from the payment of social security contributions by employers who hire, between 1 January and 31 December 2023, with permanent contracts, beneficiaries of the basic income.

WEDGE CUT – In the file, the government raises the amount of the salary up to 25,000 euros, instead of 20,000 euros, for the recognition of the additional percentage point on the partial exemption of social security contributions paid by employees for pay periods from 1 January as at 31 December 2023.

MORTGAGE RATES – In the government’s maxi amendment to the manoeuvre, “we restored an old 2012 law that allows mortgage loan contracts to return from a variable rate to a fixed rate”.

MEASURES AGAINST THE HIGH BILL – Extension to the first quarter of the year 2023 of the application of the VAT rate reduced to 5 per cent to the supply of thermal energy produced with methane gas in execution of an energy service contract; extension to the district heating sector of the reduction in the VAT rate to 5 per cent, for the first quarter of 2023; suspension until 31 January 2023 of supply interruption procedures for end customers directly connected to the natural gas transport network. Among the changes also the reduction to 10 percent of the VAT rate applied to pellets, for the year 2023; the recognition of an extraordinary contribution for the IPAB due to the increase in energy costs (charges: 5 million euros for 2023); in the matter of building superbonus, extension to 31 December of the deadlines for the presentation of the cilas for condominiums.

PARENTAL LEAVE – Increase to 80% of the parental leave allowance granted to parents, alternatively, for a period of one month.

INTERVENTIONS AGAINST ARCHITECTURAL BARRIERS – Extension of tax deductions for expenses for interventions aimed at eliminating architectural barriers in single-family buildings and condominiums.

HIGHER SINGLE ALLOWANCE FOR LARGE FAMILIES – Increase in the increase in the amount of the single and universal allowance recognized for families with four or more children.

BANKING FOUNDATIONS TERRITORIES – Promotion and support of the communities of the territories of foundations of banking origin in difficulty through the merger of entities.

COMPETITIONS – Extension until 2027 of the state competition to finance the institutional activities of university polyclinics managed directly by non-state universities (35 million euros per year).

SCHOLARSHIP – Within the university and research sector, establishment of scholarships in favor of victims of terrorism and organized crime. Another amendment introduces measures aimed at excluding scholarships for university students with disabilities from the income calculation for the purpose of receiving other assistance measures in favor of the disabled.

UNIVERSITIES – The government also receives financial interventions in favor of the university sector (equalization between state universities and private higher education institutes for the purpose of recognizing resources destined for award purposes).

SPORTS CREDIT INSTITUTE – Transformation of the sports credit institute into a joint stock company

FUND FOR PROCEDURE EXPENSES – Increase in the Fund for the reimbursement of procedural expenses in favor of the acquitted accused and changes to the regulations on the payment of the reimbursement with provision for payment in a single solution.

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – The government amendments for the public administration, among others, also provide for: the harmonization of the administration allowance for Anpal and Inl personnel (charges starting from 2023: 20,542,346 euros per year for Inl 493,640 euros per year for Anpal); the provisions for the implementation of the Pnrr in the matter of civil trial and reduction to 12 months of the duration of the apprenticeship of ordinary magistrates. The proposals also include hiring for Masaf (300 personnel, officials area) for the fight against fraud; Then there is the refinancing of the experimental incentives for personnel not belonging to the managerial level of the Ministry of Health.