Maneuver 2023, Thursday 22 December in the Chamber: confidence vote on Friday

Budget Commission still suspended, reformulations and amendments are being worked on. Skip the rule on the criminal shield

The arrival of the 2023 maneuver in the Chamber has been postponed again. According to what was established by the conference of group leaders, the deadline passes from tomorrow at 13 to Thursday morning at 8. The general discussion will continue until 11, then the question of confidence will be raised, while the vote of confidence will be held in the late morning on Fridays. Finally, the deadline for amendments was set for Thursday at 8, that for agendas at 10.

The work of the Budget commission in the Chamber is still at a standstill, and the votes on the amendments have never resumed since 2.30 this morning. As far as we know, the reformulation of the amendments by the government and by the rapporteurs is currently underway. In particular, the works are concentrated on the rewriting of the amendment relating to the Culture Bonus.

Meanwhile, the provision on the shield for tax crimes, which had agitated the opposition during the day, has been skipped. This was assured by the blue Roberto Pella, one of the three speakers in the Budget Committee in the Chamber, who also talks about times.

“Vittoria. There is no penal shield, it has been removed”, said the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber, Deborah Serracchianion the sidelines of the budget commission’s work on the manoeuvre.

“Faced with the forcing of including the penal shield for tax evaders in the maneuver – continued the dem exponent – we would have had a position of great rigor and severity”. “We asked for it to be expunged – Serracchiani then explained – also to facilitate the work of the commission and to try to understand if this maneuver can be completed in good time, despite the delays that the majority is making. They listened to us and this is important “, he concluded.

“Has Pella denied the tax shield for tax crimes? Very well, they understood that we are serious”. Thus the leader of the 5 Star Movement Joseph Conte issuing statements in Piazza Montecitorio at the end of the emergency summit convened by the M5S. In his hand Conte carries a copy of the amendment on which the signature of the rapporteur of the budget law, Roberto Pella, appears, as he himself points out: “There is also his signature”, said Conte, showing the papers.

“I repeat that the heralded victory of the Democratic Party for an amendment, or the tax truce, which is allegedly withdrawn when it was never filed, is quite incomprehensible to me. Evidently the budget law is not the right instrument for the purpose of the measure in question. This does not exclude that the provision in question is not included in another provision and that it can find an adequate place. The majority will decide which one is the right one,” the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti.

“While the government is in confusion about the manoeuvre, the opposition has not yet found a key to giving a unified response. The Five Stars are becoming radicalized and they think they will see how it goes on up to the Europeans, which seems crazy to me “. Thus Pier Luigi Bersani, guest of Lilli Gruber at Otto e mezzo on La7. “On the other hand – he added – there are people who get in the way to be able to go well in all seasons. But you have to say which side you’re on and transformism is the cancer of this country”.