Maneuver 2024, Meloni: “It is affected by super bonuses and rate increases but it is expansive”

The Prime Minister: “There is a wage problem but it cannot be solved with the minimum wage”

“Despite the resources available which were not many, given the history with the Superbonus debts for 20 billion in 2024 and the higher interest on the debt resulting from the ECB’s decision to raise interest rates” two measures “which together were worth a financial statement, we rolled up our sleeves” and in the budget law “we concentrated everything we had on few priority and expansive measures”. Thus Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the national assembly of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises.

“Work top priority”

“Work is the government’s absolute priority”, assures Meloni. “All ours work is paying off especially on the topic of the labor market which in these 12 months has seen a series of employment records: highest number of employed people ever, highest number of employed women ever, highest number of permanent jobs ever. The employment rate – underlines the prime minister – reached 61.7% in September, the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in 15 years and since September last year we have 512 thousand more jobs”, the Prime Minister rattles off the numbers: “They are encouraging signs that say that we must continue on this path”.

“Minimum wage does not solve problems”

“There is a salary problem,” admits Meloni. But “it can’t be solved with the minimum salary timetable, I believe that in their hearts – he states – even those who today say that it is the most important thing that can be done know this but when they were in government they were careful not to implement this measure“.

“Consensus on reforms in Parliament or the Italians will decide”

The Prime Minister then also talks about constitutional reforms. “In these 75 years the protagonists, the electoral laws, the parties have changed, but the instability has always remained the same. The only thing that has never changed is the basis of the system, that is, the Constitution, and this is where now we had the courage to intervene, which is why we launched the constitutional reform.” On this reform, she explains, “we will seek the necessary broad consensus in Parliament, but if this is not possible, the Italians will have to express themselves in a referendum. So you will also be the ones to tell us if you want to put an end to the season of palace games, of reversals, of rainbow majorities, of technical governments, of governments that last a year and a half and bring Italy into the Third Republic. I am convinced that the Italians will not miss this opportunityto carry out the mother of all reforms and on which the possibility of carrying out all the others depends”.