Maneuver 2024, Meloni to unions: “The maximum has been done”, CGIL and UIL: “Nothing has changed”

Summit at Palazzo Chigi lasted over three hours with a focus on pensions. The Prime Minister: “Don’t pass costs on to young people”. Landini: “Go ahead with the mobilizations”

Nothing accomplished in the meeting between government and unions on the 2024 budget today at Palazzo Chigi. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reiterated that “the maximum possible effort was made” but at the end of the summit, which lasted over three hours, the union leaders remain on a war footing because in fact, according to the government, “nothing changes”.

“It couldn’t have been done more than that”

Meloni would have reiterated the government’s position: under the given conditions and considering the existing constraints, the maximum possible effort was made both to finance public sector contracts and to confirm the cut in the contribution wedge and the measures to support the family in 2024. In essence, more than this could not have been done, the prime minister would have said.


The central theme of the meeting was pensions. The executive explained that it will review the rule, contained in the budget law, which cuts the pension rates of different categories of public employees, namely doctors, nurses, employees of local authorities, kindergarten teachers and judicial officers. The Prime Minister spoke on the topic: the fundamental point is that If the contribution base is not increased, little can be done, the meaning of the prime minister’s reasoning according to what Adnkronos learns from union sources. I understand the rights acquired on some pensions which are calculated in a certain way – the summary of the thoughts expressed by the Prime Minister during the conversation with the unions – but we must be careful, because if too advantageous conditions are ensured Let’s pass the costs on to future generations.


Not just the maneuver between the topics on the table at the summit between the government and the unions at Palazzo Chigi. A large part of the meeting was occupied by the discussion on the Pnrr and in particular on the revision of the Plan approved by the European Commission. The last installment should arrive within a few days, confirmed the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti. The South was also on the table for discussion: Meloni would have spoken about the possibility that the entire South is declared a ‘Special Economic Zone’.

Landini: “The reasons for the strikes are confirmed”

“The reasons for the proclaimed strikes which will end on December 1st with the Southern Regions are confirmed. And this is because beyond listening and discussion the government has not changed anything about the budget so far“, states the CGIL leader, Maurizio Landini at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi.

We will continue with the mobilization which will not end with the budget law because we are faced with the need for a structural reform on taxes and pensions but also for a renewal of contracts and the emergency of an absurd precarious situation that takes many young people out of Italy. In fact, it remains a wrong maneuver that makes money on employees and pensioners”. Thus the CGIL leader, Maurizio Landini, at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi.

Bombers: “Government remains insensitive to changes”

Same line for the Uil secretary Pierpaolo Bombardieri: “Il government confirms its insensitivity to the requests from the streets of these weeks. It was a long and cordial meeting, in which we reiterated all the topics explained to the workers. The government – the Uil leader acknowledges – listened and discussed wages, the recovery of purchasing power and extra profits. But the decisions illustrated at the end reconfirm the approach of the maneuver, also on article 33, on which a possible modification is being evaluated. It was what we expected, the government made it clear that there would be no changes. We were prepared but it is strange that the insensitivity to the demands of the streets is confirmed again”, he reiterates.

Sbarra: “Meeting as a sign of respect after mobilisations”

Instead, the general secretary of the CISL Luigi Sbarra places emphasis on the methods of the summit, speaking of a “very important meeting both in terms of substance and method. A long, detailed and complex meeting in the presence of the entire government. It is important – he underlines – also as a sign of respect after the mobilizations and demonstrations”.

Capone: “The government will not review the women’s option, the social bee and quota 103”

While the UGL rejects the government’s closure: “I don’t think there is a great willingness to review the limits set on the women’s option, social bee and quota 103. We have invited the government to reflect further because the country is waiting for answers”, underlines the secretary Paolo Capone.