Maneuver 2024, non-EU citizens will have to pay 2 thousand euros for Ssn registration

This is what is foreseen in the draft of the Budget seen by Adnkronos Salute. Between 700 and 1200 euros per year for those who have a residence permit for study reasons or are placed as au pairs

From 2024 the contribution for the students is set at 2000 euros per year non-EU foreigners regularly present in Italy, for voluntary registration to National Health Service. It is one of the forecasts contained in the chapter dedicated to contributions to the NHS, according to what can be read in the draft article of the 2024 budget, seen by Adnkronos Salute.

Students and au pairs

Those who have a residence permit for study purposes will have to pay for registration with the NHS annual flat-rate contribution “not less than 700 euros”a quota that becomes no lower “for 1,200 euros” for those who are placed as equals.

The quota for cross-border commuters

The article then defines the methods for calculating the NHS co-payments for “residents who work and stay in Switzerland” and “who use the National Health Service”, for cross-border workers and family members. In detail, it is expected that the Region of residence will define the family share, for a figure “including between a minimum value of 3% and a maximum value of 6%, to be applied to the net salary received in Switzerland. The overall proceeds are “destined to support the health service in border areas, in particular for the benefit of medical and nursing staff in the form of a border premium”. By decree of the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Mef, after consulting the presidents of the Regions bordering Switzerland, the methods for assigning the contribution payment sums and the maximum monthly payment of the border premium are identified.