Maneuver 2024, Salvini: “Bridge over the Strait in the Budget Law”

According to the Minister of Transport, the majority will face the maneuver with “absolute compactness and speed”. “I have a ministry that deals mainly with investments – he added – so I’m interested in investing in infrastructure despite the complicated international situation”

“It’s an economic maneuver that I believe the majority will face with absolute unity and speed.” This was stated by Transport Minister Matteo Salvini on the sidelines of the Railway Expo at Rho Fiera, underlining that “there won’t be the slightest flaw and there will also be the bridge over the Strait”. “I have a ministry that deals above all with investments – he added – so I’m interested in the fact that despite the complicated international situation we invest in infrastructure and there will be investments in the infrastructure of roads, motorways, railways, ports, airports and bridges, all of which is necessary money to help the country grow.”

“Trains and railways bring true sustainability”

“Trains and railways bring sustainability and true ecological transition, not the nonsense of electric cars for everyone and at all costs which are just a huge gift to China” the Minister of Transport said again. “I thank all those who work in the railway sector and are the true supporters of the ecological transition – he adds – without leaving thousands of workers at home that Europe’s crazy choices in the automotive sector risk making”.