Maneuver, CGIL and UIL: “High strike adhesions with average 85%”

In transport, percentage over 60%, on buses in major cities over 70%

General strike CGIL and UIL against the government’s maneuver. The percentages of adhesion are high: according to the first data collected by Cgil and Uil, the average is around 85% in many realities and in some sectors affected by the stop. This is what is stated in a CGIL – UIL note. In transport, the percentage is over 60%: many flights canceled in the air sector. On buses in the main cities, the strike received over 70% of the votes and in logistics and freight transport over 60%.

As for rail transport, good adhesion in RFI, in maintenance workshops, in Italo and in railway contracts in compliance with the law on public services and the minimum essential services provided are guaranteed. The metalworkers’ response was strong: according to the estimates of CGIL and UIL, the first aggregate figure records an adhesion of 80% among the blue suits. To mention just a few factories, the Acciaierie Italia in Genoa has reached 70%; 70% to Electrolux in Pordenone; 90% among blue-collar workers and 60% among white-collar workers at Lamborghini in Bologna. 90% also to Ast in Terni and Almaviva in Rome, 95% to Marelli in Naples.

In the agro-industry sector, 85% subscriptions to Parmareggio di Modena and Levoni di Mantova, 100% to La Doria di Salerno and to the Conserve Italia plant in Ravenna. And again, 91% at Pastificio Granoro in Bari, 87% at Sammontana in Florence and 85% at Heinz in Latina. In rubber and plastic, it ranges from 85% of Michelin Italia to over 90% of Pirelli of Settimo Torinese; in textiles from 80% of Fila di Firenze to 70% of La Perla Manufacturing.

At the Enel power plant in Civitavecchia, 60% adhesion, as with the Acea in Rome. Significant numbers also in the construction sector, with peaks of 100% in many realities, including the Ibl of Alessandria (wood sector), the Edilcoop of Bologna, the Baraclit of Arezzo and the Ferretto of Rimini. In the trade and services sectors, membership between 60 and 80%, with peaks of 90. Coop has an average membership of 60%, with peaks of 80; from 50 to 70% to Carrefour; 40% in Zara and 45% in Mc Donald’s fast food restaurants.

There were also high adhesions among temporary workers: 75% of those of Fincantieri of Marghera, 90% of those of Effer of Taranto and 100% of those of the Port of Genoa crossed their arms. For those administered by the Prefectures, Police Headquarters and Easo, an average participation of 60%, with peaks of 90% and closure of branches. Navigators are also in the square.