Maneuver, cut to the new pensions of doctors and teachers: the simulations

In 2024, 31 thousand pensioners will see their allowance cut by 40 euros per month. Pension benefit for public employees abolished. WATCH THE VIDEO

In article 33 of the budget bill submitted to the Senate, the Government recalculated the future pensions of some categories of public employees. Those affected will be hospital doctors, local authority employees, bailiffs and primary school teachers. In particular, those who started working in the mid-1980s, and therefore paid contributions into the salary scheme, before 1993.

Pension benefit for public employees abolished

The recalculation abolishes the advantage enjoyed by these categories on the return on the salary portion of the pension. Today, in essence, a doctor who retires is guaranteed a pension of at least 23 percent of his last paycheck, to which all contributions paid during his career are added. It is enough to have worked even just one day before December 31, 1992. For private employees, however, this advantage drops to just 2 percent.

Doctors threaten strike

However, the change was harshly criticized by the unions, primarily the CGIL which was the first to shine a light on this change. Two trade unions of hospital doctors, Anaao Assomed and Cimo-Fesmed, have announced a general strike if the rule is not changed. The risk – according to the unions – is that thousands of doctors decide to advance their pensions by the end of 2023, to avoid the recalculation, leaving hospitals unprotected.

According to the CGIL and several independent experts interviewed by Sky TG24, the cuts could reach up to 20 percent of the expected allowance. For an employee who earns 30 thousand euros gross the recalculation would be 500 euros less per month, for someone who earns 50 thousand euros it reaches 850. These accounts concern those who started working in 1992.

700 thousand pensions cut in twenty years

In the technical report of the budget law the average estimates are decidedly lower. In 2024 the Ministry of Economy expects savings of just over 10 million euros, for approximately 31 thousand pensions cut. In twenty years the people involved would reach 700 thousand, for an annual saving of around 2 billion euros.

Next year, new pensioners will lose around 40 euros per month, while in ten years the cut will exceed 200 euros per month.