Maneuver, Draghi-trade union meeting on pensions: “There is a lack of funds for structural reform”

The premier, together with the ministers of public administration and labor Brunetta and Orlando, met with the general secretaries of the CGIL, CISL and UIL. No decision taken for the moment, neither on the social security question nor on the tax authorities. However, the executive has already opened up to the organization of meeting tables in the coming weeks. Sbarra (Cisl): “Positive judgment, we await the contents”

Pensions and Tax: it was a “positive” meeting that was held today at Palazzo Chigi between the government and the unions, despite the fact that no structural decision was taken. What is known, government sources say, is that for pensions “there is a lack of resources for a structural reform” to be included in the budget law, to immediately overcome the Fornero law. However, Luigi Sbarra, the general secretary of the CISL, who attended the meeting with Maurizio Landini and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, general secretaries of Cgil and Uil, and with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta and the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando.

Pensions: “Working table in December”

Government sources let it be known that the executive is ready to open a discussion with meetings that will be set “shortly, starting in December”. A step forward, according to Sbarra, who stressed, however, that before speaking the unions will wait “to record the contents” of future decisions.

Landini: “Protection for women, young people and precocious workers”

The path towards an overall revision of the Fornero law “will also be discussed in the Council of Ministers in the next few days”, said the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the end of the summit. For the trade unions, he stressed, the key points must be “flexibility in leaving, a guarantee pension for young people, thinking about calculation systems based on the severity of the work.” For Landini, the first changes to be included in the Budget law must concern “Women, young people and precocious workers”, on which to work as early as next week, to reach a conclusion by December.


Even on the subject of the tax authorities, nothing has been decided, except that “in the next few days a table will start at the Ministry of Economy to define the methods of distribution of the 8 billion contained in the tax budget law”, said Luigi Sbarra. “For us, these resources must be used entirely to reduce the burden of taxation on workers and pensioners,” said the CISL secretary general.

Draghi stays in 2022

During the summit, the secretary of Uil Pierpaolo Bombardieri, himself reported, asked the premier for guarantees on the pension reform: “Since the debate on pensions starts in December, I asked Draghi if it will end soon or if the horizon is the Def expected between the end of March and the beginning of April and he confirmed that that is the expected time. “Bombardieri then asked the premier if he will still be their interlocutor next year.” He answered yes, you will do it like me “, said the trade unionist.