Maneuver, Giorgetti: “Prudent approach, without budget madness”

The minister: “Sense of government responsibility”. Letta: “He is without vision”

“What the government has done is to take note of the reality and the first reality that concerns Italy” is the “energy emergency” and the government has done “everything it takes to protect families and businesses on energy prices power”. Thus the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, speaking remotely at the event ‘The recession that will come’ organized by MoltoEconomia del ‘Messaggero’, speaking of the 2023 maneuver.

Another issue, he explained again, “is that of debt sustainability which we deal with every 15 days, every month, and on this front we must continue to pay attention. The government has done what a government with a great sense of responsibility must do ” and “he took all of this into account.” A “positive” budget law, which will be useful to Italy” and which has “a prudent approach, without budget madness”, you said again.


“We had two days of meetings, an important consultation for us because dialogue is a fundamental part of the economic choices to be made in order to refine our counter-proposal and coordinate parliamentary work. These meetings confirm our negative judgment on the maneuver,” said Enrico Letta on the sidelines of the meetings at the Nazareno on the maneuver with Confindustria and CGIL, CISL and UIL.

“The maneuver is without vision, more than a budget law it is a Dl aid 5 that has no vision”, he added. “There is a need for more important action on inflation and the tax wedge. After so many promises the mountain has given birth to a mouse. A shock intervention on the reduction of taxes on labor would be needed ”, explained the secretary of the Democratic Party.

“The maneuver then sends a terrible message on tax evasion, it is a hymn to tax evasion both on cash and on the Pos and tells Italians who have always paid taxes that we let the tax evaders dictate the tax agenda. We want to rebel and in our demonstration on the 17th we will present our counter-proposals”, Letta said again.