Maneuver, Meloni: “Few resources, they should not be squandered”

“We will provide answers to the galloping inflation” said the prime minister during a Coldiretti event at the Circus Maximus in Rome. Meanwhile, the Government says it is ready to launch the budget law; next Monday the text will be examined by the Council of Ministers

“With the budget law arriving on Monday we are focusing on the fight against inflation to provide an answer, we are trying to do serious and important things: there are no resources to waste on things that make no sense but to be concentrated on the important things that they are businesses, work, incomes and families.” Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spoke from the stage of the Coldiretti village. “Thank you for the welcome: this room reminds me of something, the first public event last year in Milan even before becoming Prime Minister. So it was good, this is a complex season to manage, we are called every day to do difficult choices, which we make with our hearts, loving the nation”, said the Prime Minister.

The defense of Italian excellence

“It hasn’t been an easy year, even in terms of physical fitness. I returned this morning at 6 from a trip in Africa to Congo and Mozambique on the same day, we took a 23-hour flight. It’s not easy. But when you know that you do it by representing someone, this gives you back all the energy in the world”, said the prime minister “We have concentrated on defending Italian excellence from the many attacks aimed at homologation. They want to sell the same product to everyone, but they won’t succeed because for us specificity is fundamental, it is the greatness of Italy as is the work that we have defended and we also encourage in maneuver”, added Meloni.