Maneuver, Numerous Families Association: “Positive signs in terms of family policy”

Positive signals in terms of family policies they come from the maneuver that the government intends to bring to the approval of Parliament”. Thus Anfn, the association that brings together and gives a voice to large families in Italy comments on the budget maneuver presented by Palazzo Chigi. “The announced interventions, and the rationale behind them – continues the note – reveal how politics is becoming aware, with serious delay, of the falling birth rate phenomenon and what effects it is already producing on the economy and welfare We hope that these signals will be followed, as soon as possible, by structural reforms to deal with this which is the emergency of emergencies”.

Alfredo and Claudia Caltabiano, presidents of large families, highlight that “it is to be read as an incentive for the birth rate the decision of the Executive to increase the amount of the single allowance by 50% in the first year of the child’s life. The increases announced for families with three or more children are also doing well, even if we are waiting to read the text, unfortunately not yet received, to express ourselves more fully on the proposal”. Despite the announced corrections, according to the association “the calculating the amount of the single allowance would seem to still remain anchored to ISEE which, we have been saying for many years, is proving to be an unfair tool, because it does not sufficiently take into account the burden borne by families, especially those with three or more children , not surprisingly at greater risk of poverty in Italy”.

“While announcing an even more substantial check thousands of our families await the arrears of the increase of one hundred euros (heir of the additional deduction that already existed since 2008 and which had to be absorbed by the single allowance) contemplated in the law establishing the single allowance, but still not paid, despite the reassurances of the INPS”.

The VAT reduction on childcare products is good: “it is a proposal that Anfn has been pursuing since 2005 and which is also contained in the document that we presented to all the candidates for parliament in the political elections in September, gaining support from all parties and movements. In the same document – observe the Caltabianos – we asked for interventions for reconciliation policies. We find traces of this, and therefore we evaluate it positively, in the government’s proposal to introduce an additional month of parental leave, optional and to be used up to the sixth month of the child’s life”.

Even “the recognition of the number of children for access to the women’s option introduces the ‘principle of gradualness’ on the number of children, which has always been advocated by Anfn”.

However, the maneuver does not bring any specific benefit to numerous working mothers. For some time, large families have been asking for “recognition of notional contributions for each child, which would mitigate the penalizing mechanism of the Women’s Option, which calculates the pension entirely with the contributory system. We hope that this corrective will be introduced with the structural reform of pensions expected in 2023”.