Maneuver: ok Senate closer to Christmas

Work on the maneuver is postponed, with the calendar of the Budget Commission of Palazzo Madama marking a new session for Tuesday 21 December (9.00) and postponing the first one tomorrow morning from 9.00 to 11.30 (followed by those at 16.00 and 20.30). The new roadmap brings the approval of the maneuver in the classroom to Thursday 23 December, considering the time required for the preparation of the text modified by the commission. After the Christmas holidays it will be the turn of the House, which will have to dismiss the provision without changes by the end of the year.

The government presented a package of amendments on Friday, which contains the 3.2 billion euro decree to be used to cut electricity and gas bills and the tax reduction for the lowest incomes, together with the new Irpef and the cancellation of IRAP for about one million activities. Yesterday another 3 proposals arrived, including regulations against relocation, and others are expected to arrive later in the day.

It seems to be necessary instead more time for the MEF to check the requests received from Parliament, with in first place the modification of the superbonus (the isee ceiling at 25,000 euros, in particular, does not appeal to the whole majority).

The budget available to political parties is around 600 million which will have to be enough to satisfy all requests. So we are looking for a solution that can allow you to take home the modified 110% tax credit with the minimum possible expense. Parliament will also have to deal with other issues, among which there is certainly work, with interventions that could concern apprenticeships, early pensions and perhaps the reduction of fixed costs.

Then we will intervene to extend the sterilization of the tosap (tax on the occupation of public spaces and areas), to allow activities such as bars and restaurants to maintain outdoor tables, which have multiplied due to the covid. The majority also agrees on the extension of the measures for the areas affected by the earthquake (renovations and more).