Maneuver, relief for working mothers: limit to 3 thousand euros

Contributions paid by female workers are eliminated if they have at least two children. More money in the paycheck but the benefit has a ceiling. Furthermore, a large part will be absorbed by the cut in the tax wedge which in 2024 will apply to all employees with medium-low incomes. The nursery bonus for the second child has been strengthened. Fringe benefit up to 2 thousand euros. An extra month of parental leave. Higher VAT for milk and baby food (but also sanitary pads)

The paychecks of women with children will be a little richer from next year. In fact, the maneuver provides that female workers do not pay the contributions they are responsible for because the State will take care of providing that money. The total relief will concern the portion of money for pension, sickness and assistance which weighs approximately 9 percent on the salary.

The requirements

The benefit – we read in the draft budget law – will only be for permanent employees, with the exclusion of domestic workers and other domestic workers, and is linked to the number of children. Those who only have one will not have this benefit, for those who have two it will last until the youngest child is ten years old, while those who have three will be able to enjoy it until the last born comes of age.

How much is the benefit worth

In any case, it will not be possible to exceed 3 thousand euros per year, which means that the contributions will be eliminated for those who earn up to around 33 thousand gross over a twelve month period, while for those who earn more there will be – precisely – a cut contributions of 3 thousand euros.

Cutting contributions to mothers until 2026

This aid to encourage the birth rate, which continues to decline in our country, will however be largely absorbed next year by the cut in contributions for all employees who earn up to 35 thousand euros gross per year. On balance, the measure for mothers will therefore translate into an additional benefit but, to give an example, on a salary of 1500 euros per month it will be a few tens of euros more than that of all other workers. Unlike the latter, for which the relief is only for 2024, that for mothers is guaranteed until 2026.

Enhanced nursery bonus for the second child

Among the other measures that concern families with children, the bonus for nursery school fees for second children born in January is strengthened, provided that the little brother is under ten years old and the ISEE does not exceed 40 thousand euros. The aid, as recorded in the draft, is increased to 2,100 euros.

Fringe benefit up to 2 thousand euros

Then, the fringe benefits, i.e. vouchers for goods and services given by companies to their staff and which should also be able to be used to pay the rent or mortgage on the house, rise to two thousand euros. Up to a thousand euros, however, for those without children.

Higher VAT on baby products

Paid parental leave has been enhanced, with an extra month paid at 60 percent of the salary to be used until the child is six years old. Meanwhile, VAT on early childhood products such as milk and baby food is increasing from 5 to 10 percent, an increase that also includes sanitary pads for feminine hygiene.