Maneuver, Renzi vs Meloni: “In 2019 Conte attacked, now he does the same crap” – Video

The attack by the leader of Italia Viva, who publishes a clip from four years ago on social media

“If you take away the budget law from Parliament, Meloni said against the Conte government, there is no more democracy than Parliament. This is what is happening in these hours”. She says it Matthew Renzi in a video on his social networks showing an intervention in the Prime Minister’s House on the maneuver when he was in opposition.

“Meloni 1 in 2019 attacked Conte who did the same crap that Meloni does today – says the leader of IV -. Meloni and Conte are two sides of the same coin. When we made the budget law, there was the parliamentary debate not here, they work at night, last minute, they cut off the money of young people to give it to the presidents of football clubs”. “The inconsistency belongs to Giorgia Meloni who yelled at the opposition and in the majority does almost worse than Conte”, says Renzi again.