Maneuver: Rosato, ‘incomprehensible strike, distributes resources to low incomes’

“I find it incomprehensible the strike against a maneuver that in a phase of pandemic and economic crisis distributes so many resources: I think it is wrong to ride the protest in front of a government that reverses course and gives more money to the lowest incomes and lowers taxes in general, among other things at a time when it would be better not to hold demonstrations ”. This was stated by Ettore Rosato, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies and president of Italia Viva, to “MattinaLive”, the morning show broadcast on Canale 8.

“From 1 March 5 million more Italian families will receive the single allowance for their children, an epochal change. Mario Draghi embraced the need for a dialogue with the trade unions, in fact the CISL has taken a different position, in dialogue with the government. Of course it is impossible to please everyone, but of the 8 billion to lower the tax burden, 7 are on incomes and most go to the lowest incomes; of the 6 billion more on the child allowance, most of it goes to low incomes and VAT numbers that until now had never had support for their children. Everyone would like to do more – concluded Rosato – but there are also limits imposed by resources ”.