Maneuver, Schlein presents the Pd counter-proposals: work, income and cost of living

This is a series of packages of amendments, Dem parliamentary sources explain to Adnkronos. In the meantime, we are working on joint proposals from the opposition

Elly Schlein brought together the PD groups today to discuss the ‘alternative maneuver’ proposals that the secretariat will present to the Directorate on Wednesday. These are a series of packages of amendments, Dem parliamentary sources explain to Adnkronos, divided into three main directions: work, income and cost of living (including the minimum wage) and then businesses and growth up to healthcare, rights and welfare. And it is precisely on this last ‘sector’ that discussions are underway with the other oppositions to present common amendments. In total, the Democratic Party has already prepared over 500.

“The government’s maneuver cuts healthcare and pensions and reserves nothing for the right to education, to housing, to the climate emergency. It takes talent to carry out a maneuver criticized by unions and businesses…”, remarks Schlein on the sidelines of the meeting with the Dem parliamentarians on the Pd counter-proposals introduced by the head of Economy, Antonio Misiani. “Our priorities – he reiterates – are healthcare, schools, pensions, wages and industrial policies that accompany the ecological and digital conversion. Our amendments to the maneuver will be linked to these proposals. On this – argues the Dem secretary – the dialogue with the other oppositions and I am sure that we will find forms of collaboration in the work in Parliament”.

The group leader in the Senate, Francesco Boccia, urges: “The less they talk about the maneuver the better it is for the majority. They prefer to talk about reforms, about autonomy, but we must insist and show their contradictions. Because this is a regressive maneuver on pensions and salaries, punitive because there are too many cuts to local authorities, and it will isolate us even more in Europe.”

The other oppositions are also working on counter-proposals to the Meloni government’s maneuver. As far as we know, there are 956 amendments that the 5 Star Movement is preparing to present to the budget law. On the part of the party led by Giuseppe Conte, a real 360-degree attack, also the ‘fruit’ of the meetings that the former prime minister had in recent days in the headquarters in via di Campo Marzio with trade unions, Confindustria, the third sector, small and medium-sized enterprises, Ance, Anci and the entire healthcare sector.

AND tomorrow it will be the turn of Action, which presents the ‘Countermaneuver 2024’ to the Chamber: the party’s proposals on the budget law with the group leader Matteo Richetti, Mara Carfagna, Mariastella Gelmini, and Elena Bonetti. Now the challenge for the opposition will be to unite in some common battles. Discussions have been going on for some time to be able to present common amendments on public health.

Meanwhile there is another front on which we are trying to find an agreement: the oppositions (except IV) are working to verify the possibility of a unitary resolution in view of the communications tomorrow in the Chamber of the Minister Antonio Tajani on the Italy-Italy agreement Albania“We are working on it”, confirms the group leader of Azione, Matteo Richetti, interviewed by Adnkronos. “Possible”, adds Riccardo Magi of Più Europa. The attempt is underway. There is already a rough draft. “I really hope that we go to the chamber with a united resolution. We are working on it – explains Luana Zanella of the Greens – and I am very confident that we will succeed”.