Maneuver, students in procession. In Rome pro-Palestine chants and photos of Meloni and Netanyahu covered in blood

In the capital, slogans against Israel and insults to the Minister of Education Valditara. Protest in 40 cities

Slogans against Israel and insults to the Minister of EducationGiuseppe Valditara, during the students’ march against the company school and in support of the Palestinian people in Rome. “Piece of s…” is the slogan shouted against Minister Valditara, while in front of the ministry in Viale Trastevere a poster was displayed depicting Giorgia Meloni and Benjamin Netanyahu, shaking hands, with the sign of hands stained with blood.

On the steps a protester showed a white bundle with red spots. “It symbolizes the massacre of children that is taking place in Gaza.” Attacks were aimed at school-work alternation and Confindustria. On the way some students have symbolically set fire to the school reform by burning a flyer with the Confindustria logo and the words “Reform School Company

In addition to the young members of the left-wing student organization Osa, in the square there are exponents of the Communist Youth Front, the Palestinian Students Movement and Changing Courseas well as representatives of the Movement for the right to live.

Protest in 40 cities

“Today we will be in the squares of over 40 Italian cities alongside the workers” declares Camilla Piredda, Udu national coordinator “to denounce a financial system without structural investments on the right to education and the future of the new generations. Yet another cuts on scholarships, construction and rent funds. Not funding education means not funding the future of this country: places of knowledge must be spaces accessible to everyone and capable of forming critical consciences. We won’t stand by and watch!”.

The Union of University Students and the Network of Middle School Students today before the Ministry of Education and Merit “against the budget law and the government’s indifference towards the genocide underway in Gaza”. “Italy abstains, but we will not stand by and watch” reports the banner. Around the students they wear masks of government representatives and the prime minister with bloody hands. “A clear position against Italy’s abstention from the UN resolution”, explain the students.

“Today is International Student Day – declares Paolo Notarnicola, coordinator of the Medical Students Network – We cannot begin our day of mobilization without thinking of Palestinian students, whose right to childhood, to education, to have a future is violently denied. One month after the brutal attack by Hamas, nothing can justify the bombs and violence of the Israeli army which have been unleashed on the Palestinian civilian population. We consider Italy’s abstention at the UN to be absurd, an act that makes us all participants in the massacre in Gaza. An immediate ceasefire and justice for the Palestinian people are needed.”


“I hate the CGIL, they count lies”, “Free Palestine” and “Fascist Melons”. These are some of the chants chanted by the students who gathered this morning in Piazzale Ostiense, in Rome, to reach the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Merit in Viale Trastevere.

The procession is organized by the student group ‘Cambiare Rotta’ and by ‘Young Palestinians in Italy.

And shouting “we are all anti-fascists” the unauthorized procession of students from the self-organised collectives of Roman high schools started from Piazza dell’Esquilino in Rome. The students singing chants for ‘free Palestine’ walked along Via Cavour lighting smoke bombs.

“School, spaces, sociality, we’ll take it all back.” It is one of the slogans that stand out on the banners displayed by the students of the self-organised collectives, from Tasso to Righi, up to Virgilio and Mamiani, in Piazza dell’Esquilino. The demonstration, unannounced, was organized and announced on social media with the general objective of “defending the school”. Among the students’ requests is that of greater attention to mental health with the opening of more structured listening desks, and of introducing sexual and emotional education in a school that is “transfeminist”. The students also ask for evaluation and meritocracy, they criticize “the corporatization of the school” and the figure of the “principal manager”, they protest against the latest Valditara reform and the cost of living which also involves textbooks and funds allocated for weapons while for students “there is no help”. Between 500 and 600 students are currently participating in the event.


Students in the streets today also in Turin as in 40 other Italian cities, against the policies of the Meloni Government. At the center of the protests, we read in a note, are the school reform desired by Minister Valditara and the complicity of the Italian Government in the massacre that is taking place in Palestine. “With the Meloni Government’s school reform, public education goes back 50 years and another great gift is given to companies – the Turin organizers of the event underline in the note – the reduction of the duration of the school course to 4 years for technicians and professionalism and the encouragement of school-work with the creation of ‘school-company campuses’ are a very heavy slap in the face to the 200 thousand students who took to the streets last year after the death of 3 of their peers on internships”

“The reform also provides for encouraging repressive measures in schools, making it easier to fail for behavior grades. They want to silence the students who are fighting for a better future, but they will not succeed”, they add and continue “the Meloni Government, which promotes an absolutely worsening reform for schools, is the same Government which demonstrates unconditional support for Netanyahu’s government and which it is complicit in the war crimes carried out by Israel against the Palestinian people. The students know which side they are on and today’s mobilizations send a clear message: let’s stop the massacre, let’s stop the Valditara reform”, they conclude.