Maneuver, the Salvini-Giorgetti derby on the use of ATMs

A pain in the ass who doesn’t use cash at the bar. Those who change restaurants are good if they don’t accept cards

One after the other, in quick succession. Matteo Salvini and Giancarlo Giorgetti, leader of the League and Northern League Economy Minister, talk about the same thing. L’use of ATM and, reversing the perspective, that of cash. Summarizing, one says that those who use cards at the bar for a coffee “he’s a pain in the ass”the other that is right “change restaurant” if you don’t accept digital payments.

“If one wants to pay two euros for coffee with a credit card, he’s just a pain in the ass. I try to pay only in cash, because I like to go and withdraw from the ATM,” Salvini confided to journalists, standing up as a champion of the banknote. ”I believe that if all those who find restaurateurs who refuse debit or credit cards for payment” changed restaurant ”probably everyone would get a machine”, Giorgetti said in Parliament. Addressing Luigi Marattin, according to whom he deprives himself of the freedom to choose how to pay, the minister replies: ”he has the freedom to change restaurants and I suggest you do so”.

It may be argued that coffee is one thing and restaurant bills are another, but the concept is the same. The shared attempt is to justify the government’s decision to eliminate the obligation to accept debit and credit cards under 60 euros. But the positions of Salvini and Giorgetti are the snapshot of a different and opposite assessment of the problem. One says long live banknotes, the other that the measure must not penalize digital payments.