Maneuver, today the maxi-amendment in the Senate. Race for approval

The text at Palazzo Madama no earlier than 6pm. The government will raise the question of trust. The goal is to approve the budget law by the morning of the 24th to avoid the risk that the necessary quorum will not be reached on Christmas Eve

After the general discussion on the maneuver, the Senate expects the arrival of the maxi-amendment on which the government will pose the question of trust. The text should arrive at Palazzo Madama no earlier than 6pm today, at the beginning of an evening that will be marked by tight rhythms. The goal is to give the go-ahead to the budget law by the morning of the 24th, but the hypothesis of a green light late at night is becoming more and more probable, also to avoid the risk that Friday, Christmas Eve, in the Chamber will not the quorum necessary for approval is reached.

Today in the Chamber in the Senate also the examination of the recovery dl

This morning the senators will be busy with the examination of the Recovery bill, which on Tuesday got the green light in the House. The government will put its trust in this measure as well. A decision that provoked the reaction of the Brothers of Italy who announced their intention not to participate in the debate to protest against a squeeze of time that, argued the leader Luca Ciriani, could have been avoided by postponing the exam to the days to between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. After the approval of the recovery plan decree, the maneuver will be examined again. The tables will be voted first.

The last steps for the approval of the maneuver

When the Accounting Office delivers the maxi-amendment, the document will first pass to the examination of the Senate presidency and the Budget Committee and then will arrive in the Chamber where the government will raise the question of trust. The conference of group leaders will therefore have to establish the timing of the general discussion or evaluate whether to go directly to the explanations of vote that will precede the two calls. At the end of the vote, in the hall reserved for the government of Palazzo Madama, a ‘lightning’ council of ministers will be held to give the green light to the Note of changes to the state budget. Finally, the Chamber will be called upon to vote – this time by electronic vote – on the budget law. The text will then pass to the Chamber for final approval. On 28 December it will arrive in the Chamber at Montecitorio for the last passage.