Maneuver, unions pressing: CGIL from M5S, on the 16th with Uil stop Lombardy and Liguria

The pressing of the unions continues on the Government and Parliament to modify the 2022 maneuver. The CGIL intensifies the meetings looking for banks to which to delegate the proposals for the modification of a large part of the stability law; after last week’s summit with Pd secretary Enrico Letta, the Italian Left and the Greens today was the turn of the 5 Star leader, Giuseppe Conte. Always meeting today also with a delegation from Fdi, tomorrow instead it will be the turn of the League. Organizational machinery in turmoil also in the Uil with a series of regional initiatives. Meanwhile, the first regional general strikes jointly called by CGIL and UIL will be held on 16 December. Public and private workers of Lombardy and Liguria will cross arms for eight hours while abstention from work it will be at least 4 hours, always on the 16th, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Round of meetings at the start with the political forces too
And in the future programs of the CISL with the slogan “improve the manoeuvre, negotiate the reforms
”. The via Po confederation, which has distanced itself from the mobilization of the CGIL and UIL against the stability law, preferring to take the path of “a national initiative in the wake of responsibility”, has called for on December 15 next the National Assembly of Delegates; the parliamentarian from via Po will be called upon to “reiterate the articulated judgment” of the union and “to press the government, parliamentary groups and political parties to improve it”.

On everything, however, will be the meeting between union leaders with the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, next Wednesday on the maneuver
, to act as a watershed for a possible acceleration of the mobilizations. In that venue, in fact, CGIL and UIL will test the possibility of modifying or not the stability law. “We deem it necessary, and we will tell the prime minister on the 7th, to change and improve this law which contains very wrong things”, reiterated the CGIL secretary Maurizio Landini. “There is a first issue that this government has to address and it is called wages. People do not make ends meet and employees are paying a very high price and there is no increase in wages in this budget law. The There was already a decontribution but no intervention that would increase wages. We ask that there be at least a 5% decontribution and that fiscal drag be restored”, he explains.

And then “taxing extra profits”, “putting a hand on a tax reform that increases the net payroll for workers and pensioners”, “reducing precariousness which means immediately removing vouchers from the table and canceling absurd forms of precarious work ” and change “that absurd provision that brought the flat tax from 65 to 85 thousand euros” but also “withdraw the increase in cash and the decision on the ceiling at the Pos” as well as review that “sensational mistake” of wanting to exceed the income of citizenship.

Confirm yours distance from the reasons of CGIL and UIL, the CISL of Luigi Sbarra: “we give a positive opinion on this set of measures, certainly there are poisoned apples” observes the leader of the via Po union, indicating among the things to be reviewed “the blocking of the full indexation of pensions with respect to inflation”, “the constraints on the women’s option” and the “ceiling of 30,000 euros to receive the third point of the cut in the tax wedge”. Critical issues, he insists, which “can be addressed through dialogue and confrontation with the government and following the parliamentary process of conversion into law, because we think that in this phase the country needs dialogue, confrontation, not social confrontation’ ‘, he concludes.