Manila Nazzaro changes look: with this haircut you haven’t seen it yet

Beautiful as ever, Manila Nazzaro shows fans her latest new haircut – notable change that will appeal to everyone.

It has already been a year since Manila Nazzaro crossed the threshold of the famous red door of Cinecittà to embark on the adventure of GF Vip 6. A path that has contributed to making the public aware of aspects of her perhaps never deepened and to making her loved even more by those who in 1999 were struck by her enchanting beauty and elected her Miss Italy of that year.

Manila Nazzaro new hair style (Credits: Instagram)

She wasn’t even 22 at the time, but it quickly became clear that her destiny would be that of the show. And in recent years there have been many stages in her success: TV, theater, radio… In short, the blonde from Puglia has ventured into many different sectors and in each of her she has shown great professionalism.

Even in an unusual experience like that of Big Brother Vip Manila has been able to live up to expectations and his was certainly one of the most intense paths of the entire last edition.

In the most spied-on house in Italy, of course, there was also a lot of talk about his relationship with the former footballer Lorenzo Amorusowith whom he forms a very close couple since 2017. After the divorce with the ex-husband Francesco Cozzain fact, the former Miss Italy has found happiness next to the former sportsman who supported her a lot in the most difficult moments lived at the GF.

Always very popular on social media, Manila showed her new haircut a few days ago on Instagram: check it out!

Manila Nazzaro, new haircut: the former gieffina surprises everyone

The artistic career of Nazzaro, who, we recall, was also one of the prima donnas of Bagaglino, was not the only goal for her, initially. In fact, we know that after graduating from high school, Manila enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Then fate thought to make her change her mind, when the crown most coveted by all the girls of Italy was placed on her head. .

Since she paraded at the famous Salsomaggiore Terme competition, the splendid 44-year-old has changed her look several times: we have seen her go from brown to blond, from smooth to curly. To the GF Vip she sported a short wavy cut with a side tuft, then in recent weeks she opted for a more central line and finally, a few days ago, she decided to give us an even more incisive cut. Her hair has now been shortened and she has also revived the shade of blonde. A very youthful look that gives her a lot, considering the freshness of her face, which she doesn’t seem to change from her when she was elected Beauty Queen.

Manila Nazzaro hair cut
Manila Nazzaro never seen like this (Credits: Instagram)

Do you also think that Manila hit the mark with this cut?