Manila Nazzaro has heard more of Katia Ricciarelli? The former competitor reveals what happened after the GF Vip

Manila Nazzaro has heard more of Katia Ricciarelli? The former competitor explains to Verissimo what happened after the GF Vip.

Manila Nazzaro was a guest of Verissimo in the episode of Sunday 27 March. The former Miss Italy told of her experience in the house of Big Brother Vip. It has been a long way since she made it to the semifinals.

Did Manila Nazzaro hear more of Katia Ricciarelli after Gf Vip? The former competitor explains what happened (Credits: mediaset infinity)

Nazzaro also revealed in the course of the interview if she has heard more about Katia Ricciarelli. We remember that it was in the house that they had initially formed a good relationship. However, I report that it has been slowly breaking up. Now that the reality show is over, the two former competitors got to talk? Let’s find out what the radio host said.

What happened between Manila Nazzaro and Katia Ricciarelli after the GF Vip

For Manila Nazzaro the path inside the house was not always easy but she managed to carry it forward and reach the semifinal. She was eliminated one step away from the final. In the house she has formed a good bond with many people.

In particular, at the beginning he had tied up with Katia Ricciarelli. This friendship has been breaking up a bit in recent weeks, so much so that they have appeared increasingly distant. During the interview with Verissimo, the former competitor also revealed to Silvia Toffanin’s microphones what happened with the cameras off and so if she and the soprano have heard more.

Manila spoke of the wounds that Ricciarelli’s words caused her: “Why tell a woman over 40 ‘now what is done is done, she has nothing more to ask from life’, at 40 I am reborn “. While she was speaking she dissolved in tears, returning to what she lived through these years: “It’s not the age, it’s what you have inside. Those words spoken by a woman to whom I opened my heart was a huge disappointment. There was a separation, the relationship ended in this way “.

manila nazzaro heard of katia?
Credits: mediaset infintiy

Silvia Toffanin then asked if after the GF Vip they heard and Nazzaro said: We haven’t heard from each other again. I also told Alfonso speaking via message, he has this regret, we are two strong women, we have many similarities. At one point I didn’t understand why Katia had this other vision of me “. He then concluded: “I can say that I would give back everything I gave to Katia and that probably if life gives us an opportunity to embrace and confront each other again, I am here ready “. Apparently Manila Nazzaro and Katia Ricciarelli have not heard again after the GF Vip.