Manitoba, all in the same sea as Pisces, with irony and freedom

After a year of absence i Manitoba. Born in Florence at the end of 2015, this whimsical, colorful, anarchic couple formed by Filippo Santini And Giorgia Rossi

Monti, who have known each other since childhood, picks up the music and starts a new artistic path that comes with the single Fish. One year later Feel good, produced by the judge of X Factor (WATCH THE SPECIAL) Manuel Agnelli, i Manitoba they release the first piece of an album that will arrive in the spring, it will be called Glue and will contain a featuring with Piero Pelù.

When was he born Fish and why did you choose it as a Christmas single, intended as a release?

Given that we can’t wait to make our Christmas compilation, we had been missing for a year, and for us December is a lucky time, we wanted to make ourselves heard and Fish it’s fun and cool. It is also a piece that describes the moment we live in various senses, from closing to the Christmas holidays. There are summer hits and winter hits like ours.
You have been missing for about a year on the music scene: what happened in this period?

We held concerts and then did creative things in a broad sense. In particular we have dedicated ourselves to the new Ep which in one track will feature Piero Pelù; then there was the Radio Manotiba radio show. The lives will return, we were on a roller coaster, by the thousands of people when we opened Franz Ferdinand to empty evenings, we have no problem saying it. But it also happened to the older ones. In 2022 there will be more concerts and beautiful things in the summer.
Lots of fish in a big sea: do you feel like piranhas?
Giorgia: Not me, I am a beautiful, beautiful and colorful fish.
Philip: I am a blue shark, a mini shark who wants to fight and do good things.
Is loneliness at the bar the result of too many opportunities we have?

We have many opportunities and maybe they make us feel a little lonely. There are so many opportunities that you think you will never make the right choice. But what matters is that a veil of mystery remains amidst the millions of information we receive.
Do you believe that covid has made us rediscover our consciences or are we still a people of blablabla?

In the pandemic we have concentrated a lot, we have all made a journey of profound introspection. The quote is ironic, we lack the blablabla where we talk so much to talk like that of the places where we chat; in the end, people are always a bit of a victim of it but with a positive nostalgia and melancholy that looks with a sympathetic eye at people and at ourselves. All with irony.
Being able to choose would it be less worse to return to stones or sand?
Giorgia: I stone that is more solid.
Philip: And I sand because, to say it with Borges, in every grain there is an infinity.
If the lights are off, is the dark still scary or does it protect and bring you closer?

The darkness of the last period has brought us closer, we are all fish in this sea, the difference is the sea if it is rough, if it is calm, in the dark depths or where the light filters through. This is a bad but unique and sobering experience. Then if we are many, the dark is less scary.
We can consider Fish the first chapter of your new artistic path?

Yes and it is also a musical restart, we have chosen to go to the funk. In the EP each track will have, in addition to electronics and rock, something new. You will find out in the spring.
What memories do you have of X Factor? Have you seen the latest edition?

We followed her and Manuel also impressed us with his performances, he confirmed himself as a crazy frontman. And Emma too. We remember hotel rooms, lights, pressure but also fun and a great opportunity.
What will happen in the next few weeks?

There will be a new single in about a month.
What gift do you want for Christmas and provide something for the fans, maybe an unplugged?
Giorgia: I want a new lightweight classical guitar and I wish the fans to see us play in the clubs: all standing.
Philip: Let us not go back to talking about lockdown. To those who follow us I remember that on January 6 we will be in concert in Milan and that March is coming Glue.