Manovra, Bernini: “More resources for the right to study, university and research”

More scholarships and more funds for university housing

In the Budget Law which has just received the definitive green light from the Senate, “we have laid the foundations for wide-ranging interventions that will guide our work in the coming years” on the right to study, theuniversity and research. This was revealed by the Minister of University and Research, Anna Maria Bernini, in thanking for the results of the maneuver “Premier Meloni, the Government and all of Parliament for the sensitivity shown towards university, higher education and research issues”. “The right to study – observes Bernini – can today count on important resources, in some cases covering the financial gap that would have occurred at the end of the appropriations provided for by the Pnrr. A plan that is a train that passes only once: it is it is up to us to seize the opportunities and ensure continuity of projects going beyond 2026”.

Entering into the merits of the main interventions for the right to study and research, the Mur reports that +500 million are planned for scholarships. For the two-year period 2024-2025, the number of beneficiary students will increase and the average amount will increase by 700 euros. The measure will guarantee continuity to the scholarships provided for by the Pnrr, the coverage of which is guaranteed only for the years 2022-2023. The budget law also provides for +300 million for university housing, new resources to guarantee the continuity of interventions in support of the ever-increasing demand for beds for off-site students. In addition there are + 5 million for scholarships for specialists in general medicine, the further funding will increase the availability on the National Health Fund for 2023.

The law stabilized the Lease Support Fund for off-site students. In fact, the Fund for the support of rents for non-resident students enrolled in state universities becomes stable. The Fund is refinanced for 4 million for 2023 and 6 million starting from 2024. Furthermore, + 30 million are foreseen for the restoration of contributions and the premium quota of non-state universities. The ordinary funding of non-state universities is restored, explains the Mur, only for 2021. The increase in contributions is linked to the increase in the number of non-state universities eligible for funding. Furthermore, the percentage of resources destined for rewarding purposes is increased to 30%.

An increase of 15 million has also been allocated for 2023 for the CNR recovery plan. With the Budget Law for 2023, an extraordinary contribution of 15 million has been allocated for the relaunch plan of the National Research Council, informs the Mur. Furthermore, 40 million is foreseen in the law for the career progression of researchers and technologists of the bodies supervised by the Mur. Also unlock the resources not yet assigned for progressions and enhancement of the career of researchers and technologists.

Starting from 2023, the amounts of scholarships received by university students with disabilities will not be counted for the purpose of calculating the income limits for the recognition of other economic supports. To support Afam students with disabilities, 1 million euros has been allocated for 2023. In addition, 150 thousand euros a year are earmarked for scholarships for orphans and children who are victims of terrorism and organized crime.

Also from 2023, the ancillary economic treatments of the personnel of the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System will be harmonised. Following the sale to the Slovenian community of the headquarters of the “Narodni Dom”, we finally contribute to the implementation of redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance interventions on the buildings of the University of Trieste.