Manuel Agnelli, the background that few know: Damiano dei Maneskin has to do with it

Manuel Agnelli told in an interview a background that few people know: Damiano of the Maneskin has to do with it.

Manuel Agnelli this year will not play the role of judge at X-Factor. For several editions we have seen him in that armchair supporting the artists of his team but now he has decided to leave the small screen for a while to devote himself to music.

Manuel Agnelli, background (credits: instagram)

In an interview with Il corriere della sera he said that he chose to move away from the role of judge in the talent show in order not to end up as a prisoner of the image of a villain and flogger: “I was tired. I would have made the messages I transmit harmless “, he has declared. It was precisely Manuel who had the Maneskin band in his team who, after having triumphed last year at the Sanremo Festival, have known success all over the world.

The singer-songwriter supported them until the end, but the edition in which they participated was won by Lorenzo Licitra. The group managed after the experience in talent to have a greater impact in the world of music until 2021 saw them protagonists of the Italian Song Festival. The Maneskins triumphed with the song Shut up and good and so they went by right to the Eurovision Song Contest and with the same song they brought victory to Italy after 30 years. On that occasion Manuel published a message for the group, proud of having always believed in them. And in reference to Damiano, the former judge has revealed a background never revealed before.

Manuel Agnelli tells a background never revealed before: Damiano of the Maneskin has to do with it

Manuel Agnelli is the founder and frontman of the rock group Afterhours. He is a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter and in recent years he has established himself as a television personality. The public since he joined the X-Factor judging team has begun to appreciate and follow him.

Strong and rock character like the music he brings to the stage, it was he who supported the Maneskin during their presence in the talent show. The edition was won by Lorenzo Licitra but it was also very important for the band whose music began to be listened to by the general public. Today the group is famous all over the world. Returning to the times of their stay at X-Factor, Manuel Agnelli told, in an interview with Il corriere della sera, a background concerning the frontman Damiano.

manuel agnelli maneskin
Agnelli, Maneskin behind the scenes (credits: youtube)

The former judge confessed that they asked him to calm him down because he could be obnoxious and arrogant on TV: “On the contrary, I emphasized it. I told him ‘do what you want’. And with little humility I was right “. Apparently Agnelli emphasized Damiano and didn’t follow what they asked him, because he didn’t want the singer to lose his nature. About the group he said: “I pushed them to be abrasive. This is my greatest merit, having given them the legitimacy license to be rock ”.