Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo, twist: they announced it like this

Shock announcement by Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo: the two former protagonists of Temptation Island have left everyone stunned!

Their love born in Temptation Island he made the public dream, which he had learned with regret of the breakup which took place some time ago. Yes, because the one between Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo it was definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting stories ever told by the famous Canale 5 summer docu-reality show.

Manuela and Luciano, unbelievable! (Credits: Instagram)

She arrived in the program as a couple with her boyfriend Stefano Sirena, the 32-year-old from Brindisi was not happy in that relationship and during the adventure in the village in Sardinia she had the opportunity to get to know the beautiful Punzo. The latter, with dedication and sweetness, had conquered her to the point that Manuela decided to leave Stefano for him.

After leaving the transmission conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, she and Luciano have begun to live their love and are among the former protagonists of Temptation most loved. To testify their happiness the many shots and social videos with which they have always made fans participate in their best moments. She had therefore shocked everyone at the news of the breakup that would take place for reasons of jealousy.

A few weeks ago, in a live Instagram, Carriero asked Luciano to give their bond another chance since during the break that had taken place, he “would have had enough time to understand”. The brunette from Puglia had been very clear and direct in her message: “If you want to go back with me as we were before, come back now too. I think there’s no shit left to wait, ”he said bluntly.

For his part, the former tempter had made it clear that it was neither betrayal nor other serious things that separated them. In these hours, however, the two have made another announcement that has left the followers speechless.

Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo, crazy: what happened between the two former faces of Temptation Island

Among the latest posts published on the couple’s respective Instagram profiles, a video which officially announces what everyone hoped for. Manuela and Luciano are back together!

The images show the two happy together at the sea and laughing and joking with friends. To remove any doubt, the caption that accompanies the post: “That I was one step away from losing you. And you were one step away from losing me. I who have never had anything real apart from you. “

Crisis returned, therefore, for the two lovers who apparently are willing to share a long stretch of road together again. Sirena also spoke about the novelty, who did not spare one dig to his ex and Punzo: “This morning a wave of messages about the circus that seems to have temporarily ended the show”.

Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo
Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo, shock announcement! (Credits: Instagram)

What can I say, all is well that ends well!