Many want to know: how many brothers does Francesco Facchinetti have? Their names

Francesco Facchinetti is on the jury of Il Cantante Mascherato, but do you know how many brothers he has? Many ask themselves: their names.

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Who are they and how many brothers does Francesco Fachinetti have? Credits: Instagram

Character beloved by all the Italian public because of his sympathy and his hilarity, Francesco Facchinetti has been a member of the jury of The Masked Singer for several years. And, edition after edition, he manages to entertain his audience. Are you convinced, however, that you know everything about him? Most likely yes, but you are very wrong. For example, have you ever wondered how many brothers does he have? We know very well that the good Facchinetti was born from the relationship of the legendary Roby with Rosaria Longoni. Very few, however, are aware of how large his family is. In fact, let’s try to understand everything you need to know about his siblings: who they are and what they do.

Who are Roby Facchinetti’s brothers?

As well as his career as an artist, Roby Facchinetti’s private life is also quite intense. Currently happily married to Giovanna Lorenzi, the beloved singer of Pooh already has a marriage behind him that was not successful at all and another relationship also wrecked. It is precisely from the latter that, as we said previously, the mythical was born Francesco Facchinetti. About him, do you know how many brothers he has?

Perhaps not everyone knows, but Francesco Facchinetti is by no means an only child, but has 4 siblings: three sisters and one brother. Let’s find out everything you need to know about them. From the marriage of Roby Facchinetti with Mirella Costa, were born: Alessandra, now much loved and established style, and Valentina. From the second marriage with Giovanna Lorenzi, those celebrated in 1989, on the other hand, were born: Roberto and Giulia.

Francesco Facchinetti brothers
Credits: Instagram

In short, as we can clearly understand, the family of Francesco Facchinetti is really very numerous. Despite this, however, each of them feels boundless love for the other. Well done.