Mapei, Assoposa and Certi.S promote certified tilers

A license that allows tilers to obtain official recognition of their skills and knowledge from the Association dedicated to the world of tiling

Mapei, one of the world’s largest producers of chemical products for the construction industry, promotes certification for tilers together with Assoposa and Certi.s. A license – as underlined in a note – which allows tilers to obtain official recognition of their skills and knowledge from the Association dedicated to the world of tiling, certified by an accredited certification body. As part of this collaboration, Mapei, thanks to its Academy, carries out theoretical-practical simulations, preparatory to the final exam, aimed at verifying the acquisition of the skills, knowledge and abilities of tilers according to the UNI 11493 standard. Assoposa , with the role of examiner, evaluates the suitability of the candidates during the test while Certi.s, as certifying body, issues the license.

“Innovating is in Mapei’s DNA and allows us to be competitive on the market. For this reason we believe it is necessary that our products, with a high technological content, are applied by trained professionals, capable of using and applying them correctly to guarantee safe and long-lasting installation ” states Francesco Stronati, corporate product manager of the ceramic line and responsible for Mapei technical assistance.

Luca Berardo, president of Assoposa adds: “Since its birth, Assoposa has worked to fill the regulatory void of the figure of the installer. Today, thanks to the UNI 14493 Regulation on the installation of ceramic tiling and the training course created by the association, culminating in the issuing of the Certification in collaboration with Mapei and Certi.s, the tiler finally sees his value recognised. With the introduction of CAM, the installer’s license contributes to recognizing rewarding scores for those who use professional installers in the public administration sector”.

“The Tiler’s License is today the main distinctive tool of the professional ceramic tiler installer – concludes Roberto Baldo, director of the Certi.s certification body -. In the European Year of Skills, the Certification takes on even more value due to its importance of training and the development of skills, as decisive and differentiating elements in the labor market. The License, in fact, qualifies the role of the professional and raises the level of professionalism, thanks to continuous training, as well as the exchange of skills and knowledge typical of the profession .”

Mapei, through its Academy, also promotes a shared culture on the application and use of materials thanks to the numerous courses that it organizes every year in its offices and at its retailers.