Mara Sattei, the first album is “Universo”: info and release date

After having revealed an important date, which many fans had already discovered by looking for a clue within the video clip of the single What you don’t say, Mara Sattei announces the long-awaited release of his first album: January 14, 2022 arrives Universe (Arista / Columbia Records Italy / Sony Music Italy), already available in pre-save, pre-add and pre-order (; the album represents a great first milestone for the artist, who until today has accompanied us hand in hand, step by step, to discover his music, from recordings to the first official songs, through never predictable lyrics, a vocal power without equal and an elegance that distinguishes every movement or creation.

“I often think that what we show is only a very small part of what is inside of us. We are a set of stories, emotions, choices. Sometimes we perceive immense spaces, unexplored worlds in which we get lost, while other times we feel so small that we want to disappear. We want to see beyond, to feel part of something. We want to love and feel loved, and return to the simplicity that stands out in a world of superstructures. The truth is that accepting the disorder makes us really understand what is in its place and gives us the awareness of who we are or who we would like to be. With music I discovered that I was free, within my universe that I am now showing you “, comments Mara Sattei.

So Mara Sattei presented hers Universe (video visible on the artist’s profile, at the link, a territory still partly unexplored by his fans, but of which they have already had a taste thanks to Excuse me And What you don’t say, the first two pieces of the recording project due out in January. As was the case with the first two singles, the entire album by Mara Sattei will be produced by tha Supreme, who follows the artistic direction of the project. The video clips of the two songs are both born from the creative mind of the singer-songwriter and directed by bendo (Lorenzo Silvestri and Andrea Santaterra).

What you don’t say “It’s a song that I wrote to tell how much more important it is to act instead of waiting for something to happen – says the artist, and continues – how much silence, at times, manages to speak more than a thousand words. “

Excuse me, for its part, is a piece represented by the strength of a short and concise word, but which can have an enormous resonance in the head of those who listen to it and pronounce it. “Knowing how to apologize makes us free” comments Mara Sattei. The great talent of Mara Sattei, who is certainly not new to his audience to date she has collected over 200 million total streams with her music and the collaborations that have seen her protagonist. The singer-songwriter had already managed to fascinate everyone with her Recordings: New Registration 326 certified gold disc, New Registration 402 And New Registration 527 they are real personal outbursts set to music and produced by tha Supreme. Mara SatteiFurthermore, he has collaborated with important Italian and international colleagues who have embellished his artistic career: m12ano platinum certified and contained in tha Supreme debut album “23 6451”; Swings who saw her alongside Coez in the double platinum track extracted from “BV3”; Dilemmas Remix platinum certified single, which marked the international artistic union between her, Lous and the Yakuza and tha Supreme, and Edges, double platinum track signed with Carl Brave and tha Supreme. The intimate but at the same time incisive writing, the intense and in any case light voice, the elegance and the gaze always turned to others are the hallmarks of what is already one of the most interesting women of the new Italian music scene.