Mara Venier, first tattoo at 73: a little star together with her grandson

It’s never too late. Not even to get a tattoo. Mara Venier had to wait until she was 73 to make her first, driven by the invitation of her nephew Giulio, who proposed sharing a star on her wrist with him. And as a loving grandmother, how could Mara Venier refuse such a sweet invitation and request? So here we are, off to the tattoo artist’s studio, mission accomplished and film on the drawing which will be broadcast for the first time on Sunday 21 January in the new episode of Domenica In.

The video shared on Instagram

Mara Venier’s decision was welcomed by the followers of her Instagram profile, on which she shared a funny video in which her nephew also appears. “Only my grandson could convince me, rock grandma,” wrote the presenter with a flood of shocked and amused emojis and the hashtag #tattoo.


Many likes, numerous comments too, including those from several VIPs. “Wonderful, see you tomorrow”, writes Biagio Antonacci with a lot of heart. Only hearts and fairies for Achille Lauro, while Naike Rivelli, daughter of Ornella Muti, appears struck by the choice to share the tattoo with her nephew: “Mother and I also have the same little heart.” Heart eyes for Wanda Nara and even Valeria Marini applauds the turning point: “MARA YOU ARE STELLAR”. From Asia Argento, an authentic expert on the topic, comes a nice and cheerful warning: “We all started with a little star… Be careful that you never stop.” And who knows, maybe Mara Venier might enjoy it too…