Mara Venier loses her temper live: her gesture has not gone unnoticed

Mara Venier loses her temper live during the broadcast: her gesture did not go unnoticed, that’s what happened.

September brought with it the beginning of all those broadcasts that we usually watch during the year and which end around May-June. Last week the new editions of Live Life with Alberto Matano, Today is another day with Serena Bortone, Mattino Cinque with Federica Panicucci and Barbara D’Urso is back on television with her afternoon five.

Mara venier, live (credits: rai play)

On Sunday 11 September, Domenica In began, the format led by Mara Venier which every year finds a pleasant success. The public lets itself be enveloped by the brio of the presenter, by her lightness and irony and of course also by the interviews of the characters who are hosted in the episode, ready to tell about themselves from different points of view. The first, however, apparently began with a small unexpected event.

Mara while the interview with Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria was in progress practically blurted out, losing my temper: but what happened? Let’s go into the details of what happened.

Mara Venier loses her temper during Domenica In: the conductor’s gesture has not gone unnoticed

The first episode of the new edition of Domenica In was held on Sunday 11 September with Mara Venier. We had the pleasure of hearing for the first time the new theme song of the format, entitled An exceptional day, sung by Franco Ricciardi and Ivan Granatino. Later Mara entered the live broadcast which was accompanied by numerous characters from the world of entertainment ready to tell their story and reveal some unprecedented background.

During the interview with Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria, while the journalist was telling their story, in particular when they made their love official by revealing that someone had tried to dirty it, something unexpected happened. Francesca was saying that over the years they hadn’t made this relationship easy for him but as she spoke she was stopped by the host: for what reason? Surely those who followed the live know very well, someone was annoying at that moment, voices were heard and Mara intervened. She first began abruptly with a: “Excuse me!”looking carefully at the person to whom he was referring.

mara venier direct
It happens live (credits. Rai play)

It would seem that the presenter turned to someone from the audience or at least to those who were present behind her. Immediately after her, observing what was happening, she said: “Excuse me, we are working ”. After the reprimand, absolute silence returned to the studio and the interview continued. Apparently the first episode was troubled by a small unexpected event, someone present was annoying and this made the presenter lose his temper. After the reprimand, the situation returned more serene than ever.