Mara Venier, moment of pure relaxation: she has chosen an enchanting place in Italy

Back from Santo Domingo, Mara Venier and her husband take a few more days off: the chosen place is a dream.

Waiting to return to accompany our Sunday afternoons, the very blond “Aunt Mara” keeps in constant contact with the public through her very active Instagram page. It is here that she usually keeps the memories of the interviews with the guests at Sunday In posting the selfies he takes with each of them.

Mara Venier at the spa (Credits: Instagram)

Now that she is not on TV for the summer break, the Venetian presenter continues to involve fans even on her holidays. Days that allowed her to fully enjoy her husband’s love Nicolawithout having to keep to the rhythms and schedules of work as it does for most of the year.

If until a few weeks ago Venier showed the shots of some moments of their days a Santo Domingo, where among other things they have a splendid home, in the last few hours has left everyone stunned with some Ig stories that immortalize it in another holiday destination. Returning from South America, in fact, she allowed herself a few more moments of absolute relaxation in an Italian location that is nothing short of heavenly.

Mara Venier continues her holidays in the beautiful country: which place she has chosen

Before returning to sit in the white armchair from which she interviews many of the most beloved characters in the entertainment world, Venier has seen fit to treat herself to some other unforgettable moments in an Italian structure. It was she herself who showed everyone what place she is and from the images shared in her Ig stories of her it must be admitted that she could not have chosen better.

“It’s my favorite place,” he commented accompanying the video in which you can see the huge outdoor swimming pool of theHotel Salus Terme in Viterbo. An oasis of peace surrounded by the lush green of an immense lawn with several trees and from which it is really impossible not to be enraptured.

Just what it takes after returning to Rome and having to clean the house after the long absence of the days spent in the Dominican Republic: a few days ago, Nicola captured her by surprise just as the presenter was struggling with a broom and dustpan to clean the terrace. With her well-known self-irony, Mara also wanted to publish the ‘unconventional’ shot. “Treasonable photo of my husband who does nothing and makes fun of me”, she then jokingly wrote in the caption to the nice image.

Mara Venier chosen place
Mara Venier where did she go (Credits: Instagram)

Mara therefore chose a great way to recover energy and prepare as best as possible for the return to TV. How are you preparing for the arrival of September with the usual load of daily commitments?