Mara Venier reports: “A fake of mine with Artificial Intelligence to defraud naive people”

The presenter has given a mandate to the lawyer to block the video with which her artificial double sells financial products

The image of Mara Venier “made dynamic with artificial intelligence technology which, combined with that of Elon Musk, invites Italians to invest 250 euros in a financial project guaranteeing a large fixed monthly income”. It is the attempted scam which sees the presenter “once again an unaware and blameless victim” and which pushed Mara Venier to turn to a lawyer to protect herself from the abusive use of her image. The complaint, which arrives at Adnkronos through the presenter’s lawyer, Giorgio Assumma, betrays all of Venier’s bitterness at the attempt to deceive her.

The facts

The facts: on Monday 2 October, a Facebook post from a ‘financial consultant’ invites people to invest money in a financial project “that helps citizens of the country earn without the slightest effort”, citing cryptocurrencies that would make them “financially independent as soon as possible”, and invites you to wait for a call “and follow the instructions”. Under the post, to support the project, the ‘animated’ photo of Mara Venier, made to speak through Artificial Intelligence. “The video – explains Venier – is published through a web platform, accompanied by favorable suggestions from a hypothetical financial advisor who appears photographed and mentioned by name and surname. From an initial investigation, the company that took the initiative cannot be found, so just as the name of the consultant is completely false.”

The host of ‘Domenica In’ explains that the post is already causing an uproar among her fans. “I have already received numerous phone calls from my fans, amazed at the fact that I allowed myself to be involved in a clearly deceptive initiative – says Mara – I have given a mandate to my lawyer Giorgio Assumma to activate all the administrative and judicial initiatives to put an end to the illicit act, and obtain compensation for damages”. Contacted by Adnkronos, the lawyer Assumma confirms: “I have activated the most rapid judicial and administrative tools – explains the lawyer – And in the meantime I have already informally moved the police, who revealed to me that this person’s profile does not appears in their database of financial advisors, and confirmed to me that they are running a lot of these scams, asking for money or, in some cases, medicines.”

The lawyer therefore makes some important legal observations on the use of artificial intelligence: “It is causing incredible damage – he explains to Adnkronos Assumma, an expert on the topic and who will hold a conference on damage tomorrow at 10.30 at the Roma 3 University and advantages of AI. “It’s disturbing – says the lawyer, who often defends famous people. And citing the strike of Hollywood actors, who are protesting against the indiscriminate use of AI, he explains: “An incredible thing happened in Hollywood. During the filming of a film, an actor who was playing it died. Well, I they reconstructed perfectly and still managed to complete the film. The implications are dramatic, and this story of Mara venier denotes how enormous damage can be created with Artificial Intelligence.”

(by Ilaria Floris)