Mara Venier: “Shameful to compare goliardia to harassment, I’m considering legal action”

Alvise Rigo: “Mara an aunt for me, a serious episode that happened to the journalist Beccaglia, inaccessible to goliardia”

“Shameful to approach the goliardic gesture made with sympathy and affection by Aunt Mara in absolute good faith towards Alvise, my Venetian citizen, with the act of harassment against the sports journalist of Toscana Tv. Before writing a piece like this, a journalist us she must think very well. I do not accept being compared to sexual harassment. I do not like it and I am considering a legal action with my lawyer. Sexual harassment is one thing. A bottarella on the ass made laughing is another thing. all to my lawyer Carlo Longari and we will evaluate if it is appropriate to sue the journalist. I do not allow anyone to put these events together. ” Like this Mara Venier comments with Adnkronos on the evaluation of those who approached the gesture of the host towards Alvise Rigo, during the part of Domenica In dedicated to ‘Dancing with the stars’, to the harassment suffered by the journalist Greta Beccaglia during the live TV stadium while interviewing the fans after the match between Empoli and Fiorentina. “Ask Alvise if he felt harassed” says Mara Venier.

Contacted by Adnkronos Alvise Rigo he replies: “If I felt molested? Are we kidding? Mara is an aunt to me. Ours was a game. It is absolutely not possible to compare something as serious as that which happened to the sports journalist Beccaglia to something so nice and goliardic like the one between Mara and me “.