Mara Venier’s villa for holidays in Santo Domingo: here it is, it’s a show

The splendid villa of Mara Venier is wonderful, the host’s holiday ‘home’ is located in Santo Domingo: it is a show!

The beloved VIP characters enjoy their summer holidays and give us breathtaking landscapes. This is the case of the splendid and historic Rai presenter, Mara Venier who lives his wonderful vacation in the beautiful Dominican Republic, a Santo Domingo. The villa he is staying in is a dream!

Mara Venier, Villa in Santo Domingo (Credits: Instagram)

There are many VIPs who in this hot summer have allowed themselves a super relaxing holiday and then come back loaded more than ever to the conduct of the highly anticipated TV programs scheduled for next September 2022. And before September 11 returns to our screens with the new season on Sunday In, the beloved hostess has thus decided to take a direct flight to the splendid Santo Domingo to indulge in carefree moments in front of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. A wonderful one villa with swimming pool overlooking the sea in the wonderful Dominican Republic, hosts the presenter Mara Venier together with her husband Nicola Carraro. But let’s see the details, the villa where the couple is staying is a real daydream!

Mara Venier on vacation in Santo Domingo with her family: the villa in which she is staying is wonderful

The splendid Santo Domingo is the backdrop to the colorful holidays of the wonderful Rai presenter. After a year of work, she took a well-deserved rest with her beautiful family in a dream location. TO Santo Domingothe presenter Mara Venier together with her husband and life partner, Nicola Carraroformer film producer, are staying in a charming villa equipped with all the comforts for a holiday of pure relaxation!

villa mara venier
Villa Santo Domingo (Credits: Instagram)

An entire villa surrounded by an immense garden. Surrounded by greenery and with a splendid swimming pool that surrounds the simply enchanting interiors of the house. From some videos published by the husband of the beloved presenter, we can peek and capture some details of the two-story villa that houses the married couple during their stay in the vacation spot.

Marble floors, picturesque paintings and large and colorful sofas. A delightful living room with a large wooden table sees the family gathered during breakfast, lunches and dinners and a fun game of burraco.

villa mara venier
Mara Venier on vacation (Credits: Instagram)

The immense garden made up of green lawns and palm trees makes the whole villa particularly exotic as a backdrop to the entire villa.

villa mara venier
The villa where Mara Venier is staying (Credits: Instagram)

Obviously, there is also a splendid swimming pool. The villa also has a wonderful view of that enchanting Caribbean sea, where the family spends their relaxing holidays these days!

villa mara venier
Villa with swimming pool (Credits: Instagram)

Let’s let the presenter enjoy her holidays and we can’t wait to see her again in a few weeks on our screens!