Marc Jacobs, Gigi and Bella Hadid unrecognizable with the new cut

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Fans literally went crazy at the sight of the images of Gigi And Bella Hadidstar of the Marc Jacobs catwalk who presented his new collection for Autumn 2022 in New York. beauty look it’s a cut with side shavings which left the audience present at the fashion show and the social media audience speechless, where the event was broadcast in live streaming. The two models, who normally exhibit flowing hair, underwent a long preparation to best interpret the mood of the collection requested by the designer and once again they managed to leave their mark with their irresistible charm.

Gigi and Bella Hadid with shaved temples at the Marc Jacobs fashion show

For long hours the admirers of Gigi and Bella Hadid wondered if the two beautiful models had really decided to sacrifice their hair on the altar of fashion, an eventuality not impossible when the request comes from Marc Jacobsthe eccentric and ingenious prince of stars and stripes fashion, who, since he resumed the catwalk with the new collections after a break during the Covid seasons, is contributing in an excellent way to the discussion on contemporary style.
The voluminous and original creations for next autumn required a specific effort in terms of make-up and hairstyle, so the professionals of the Jacobs team transformed the Hadid sisters into two perfect interpreters of the punk and futuristic style imagined by the designer.
Very blond eyebrows, completely lightened, and invisible effect makeup, as if to suggest the face of a creature that comes from the future. Temples and ears in evidence, however, as regards the hair, styled in a mullet cut with the front characterized by a very short bowl fringe and extensions in the back.

Make-up and hairstyle with special effects

After the show, the most curious were able to search online the secrets of the backstage of the New York fashion show that made use of specialized make-up artists, professionals in SFX make-upie prosthetic make-up, which uses casts, molds or prosthesisas in this case.
In the team behind the scenes, Marc Jacobs mentioned Dian Kendal and Noël Jacoboni, the latter as head of the special effects staff, for make-up; for the hairstyle, on the other hand, the credit goes to Duffy, a name in the field of fashion that counts.

Other thanks from the designer went to Gigi and Bella Hadid who also this time have took up the challenge to bring on the catwalk a dream animated by visions that come from a reality far from the brutality of this historical moment to which the creative has responded with a collection full of experimentation, volumes and materials, a very serious creative game that requires the collaboration of the models on the catwalk . There Gigi’s answer to the stylist is in the post accompanied by a very clear caption: “I’d do anything for Marc“.