Marcell Jacobs got married but there is a pain he has to deal with

As announced some time ago, on Saturday 17 September Marcell Jacobs got married: on the big day, however, there was no lack of a thorn in his heart.

Beautiful, talented and with a sports career that boasts two gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the 100 meters victory at the European championships, Marcell Jacobs he is the Italian sprinter who in recent years has given our nation important satisfactions.

Marcell Jacobs wedding guests (Credits: Instagram)

Born on September 26, 1994 in El Paso, USA, he is the son of an American father and an Italian mother. After birth in Texas, he moved to Italy as a child after his parents separated. Track and field has been the sport he has dedicated himself to since he was 10 and he has broken the long jump record several times. After an injury in 2016, which forced him to give up the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, he devoted himself more to running, managing to achieve the remarkable goals mentioned above in this specialty.

Even from a sentimental point of view, his life is proceeding at full speed: on Saturday 17 September Marcell got married Nicole Daza, with whom he has two children, Anthony and Megan. The sportsman and his wife are a couple very in love and on social media they appear very happy. Enough to crown their dream with marriage: “Everything is ready, I’m calm and I can’t wait – explained the 27-year-old to the Gazzetta dello Sport before the ceremony – There will be 170 people, our families and close friends. My mother Viviana has been very busy ”.

Everything happened in the best way, but a piece of happiness was missing: the champion from Desenzano had already anticipated it during the interview.

Marcell Jacobs got married: the champion reveals his thorn in his heart

Before the big day, Jacobs had anticipated the Gazzetta dello Sport that his father Lamont was not going to the wedding. “He did not come, he swindled me. This time I didn’t even hear it, ”she admits to the famous newspaper. The athlete had tried to mend the relationship with his parent on the advice of his mental coach: by recovering the bond before the Tokyo Olympics, he could have overcome the inner block that has conditioned him since childhood and had limited him in his performance as a runner. until then.

Indeed, something seemed to have resolved in him, but the fact that his father was not present on his wedding day hurt him deeply. A relationship that also strongly influenced his bond with Jeremy, the son Jacobs had when he was only 19 with Renata Szabo. Marcell admits that he is not a present father for his firstborn. “My great-grandfather abandoned his grandfather, my grandfather my father, he me: it’s a kind of family tradition. The firstborn must always be left behind. I should break the mechanism, but for now I have not succeeded ”, he told a long time ago to the Corriere della Sera.

Marcell Jacobs married
Marcell Jacobs married what happened (Credits: Instagram)

We send our best wishes to the newlyweds!