Marchini (Sanpellegrino): “Virtuous use of water resources”

Sanpellegrino’s 2022 sustainability report speaks clearly: the Group has created tangible benefits for people, the territories in which it is present and for the planet itself. In 2021 Sanpellegrino reduced the use of industrial water compared to the previous year: “We have reduced the use of process water by 22%. We only use 0.08 liters for every liter of bottled natural mineral water. We carry out a virtuous management of water resources – underlines Fabiana Marchini, Head of Sustainability of the Sanpellegrino Group – Equally virtuous is our energy supply, since 2011 100% of the energy purchased comes from certified renewable sources “The report also shows the increase constant of the percentage of recycled material in bottles and packaging: “In 2021 we were able to use almost 5000 tons of recycled PET in our bottles to replace the same amount of virgin material – explains Fabiana Marchini. Like packaging, logistics are also at the center of the company’s sustainability-oriented policy: “22% of our products travel by train, 18% travel by ship and the remaining road transport uses vehicles that are powered by Lng or Bio Lng. , considering that Bio Lng has zero emissions ”underlines Fabiana Marchini.