Marchisio: “Disgusting assault on referee Taylor”. And Roma fans get angry

On social media, the black and white stigmatizes the scenes in Budapest, social insults from yellow and red fans

“This stuff isn’t football, it’s not typhoid, it doesn’t honor anyone but it’s just delinquency that we’re all tired of. Enough!”. Claudio Marchisio, flag of Juventus, condemns without means the aggression of some Roma fans to the referee Anthony Taylor. The referee of the Europa League final, which the Giallorossi lost on penalties against Sevilla, was harshly challenged and insulted while, at Budapest airport, he was with his wife and daughter, terrified in the chaos. “25,000 fans have colored Budapest with the colors of Roma. From the first to the last second they supported their team with love and passion, and represented the most beautiful things our football has to offer Europe, paying tribute to Roma who has made a magnificent journey in the Europa League” writes Marchisio.

“A few hours after the final, however, a dozen of them at the airport became the protagonists of a disgusting scene, a real attack on a family, that of Anthony Taylor, who at that moment was not a referee but only a father and a husband careful to protect his wife and daughter, incredulous and frightened by the insipid violence of these poor losers. This stuff isn’t football, it’s not typhus, it doesn’t do anyone any credit but it’s just crime we’re all tired of. Enough! “, adds the former Juventus player. There are many comments on the post. Many share Marchisio’s reflections, but angry responses from Roma fans abound, insulting the former footballer, who was ‘invited’ to keep quiet.