Marcianeke’s mother-in-law spoke: Ignacia Michelson’s mother said “For me it is Mati”

Jenny Diazmother of Ignacia Michelsontalks about her daughter’s happiness in her relationship with marcianeke and describes him as a tender boy and different from what is seen on television.

Since the love relationship between the former reality girl was confirmed Ignacia Michelson and the urban singer marcianekethe reactions have not stopped.

On this occasion, it was Ignacia’s mother who spoke about the relationship and her opinion about her son-in-law, describing him as a tender boy and very different from what is seen on television.

Jenny Díaz, the mother of Ignacia Michelson, spoke with The latest news and gave his opinion about his daughter’s relationship with the urban singer Marcianeke.

First of all, he highlighted the happiness he has seen in his daughter in recent months and stated that “if she was happy and if they put up with her, I had nothing more to say to her.”

In addition, he referred to Marcianeke’s character and described him as “a totally different person from what you see. For me he is the Mati (Matías) in the house. In addition, he is ‘tender’ and he is very different now. The other thing is He is not ugly at all, he has pretty eyes and is very cute”.

Ignacia’s mother also praised her daughter’s relationship with Marcianeke, assuring that they support each other and that they go up and down together. “When they are at home they are like any couple,” she confided. She even offered to cook for both of them when they come to visit, since according to her, Marcianeke is “very skinny.”